30 Countries Before 30: 2 down 3 to go 

2 down 3 to go, I can’t quite believe it as 5 weeks ago this seemed impossible.!!

Today June 7th is exactly one month before my 30th birthday with 2 {countries} down and 3 to go. When I embarked on this journey to ensure I visit 30 countries before thirty, I wasn’t sure I could do it. An opportunity and a great mindset help me define how I would accomplish this goal. No one was forcing me to travel and I stopped making excuses as to why I couldn’t.

2 down 3 to go
I am not rich by any means nor do I claim to have an endless supply of dosh, it’s all about priorities. Someone with kids, their priority is to their children and family as a whole. Those in debt, that could be their  priority and as someone whose experienced debt I know the struggle is real. I realised if all I did was pay off my debt I would never travel because by the time I did something new would have taken precedence. Though I have managed to pay off my debt I am sure is more debt making its way to me. You know the usual; house, car and grad school so I wanna travel now before that restricts me.

Bucketlist: 2 down 3 to go

When I initially shared 30 Countries Before 30: where I have been thus far I didn’t think much about it. Then it dawned on me that this is one goal I wanted to achieve no matter what. Not sure what the remainder of 2017 looks like but the next 4 weeks will be intense and I am excited.

As I type this I am pool side enjoying a night drink before bed in Bali. I had a 10 hour layover in Doha Qatar where I chose to explore the city. It’s always awesome when you can explore than stay stuck at the airport. Though it was a layover and not an overnight stay I am still counting it as a visit. Because not only did I explore the land and get a feel or it, I did what I would have done had I stayed the night.

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Obviously you already know I the second destination is Bali in Indonesia. The plan was to come to Bali and have a pre-30th celebration due to working on my actual birthday. As luck would have it I managed to take that off and have another trip booked for that time. Still I am super glad I came to Bali and will be sharing more next week. There are so many aspects I liked about this trip and some which I absolutely don’t.

I can not wait to share the remainder three countries but for now 2 down 3 to go.