Smart Living with Samsung

Smart living is a way one can enjoy the endless possibilities that come with the advancement in today’s technology. Being able to control the happenings of your home from  anywhere at anytime is definitely a huge appear for many. I have a busy work life and an even busier social life that I rarely have time to do all the things I love. Keeping my home clean and tidy is a must but it’s not something I want to be doing constantly nor daily. But if I had an automatic vacuum cleaner that I could control from anywhere, that would solve many problems.

Are you anything like me with a busy work and social life? Well, then today you WILL be happy to have come across this post.

smart living

Smart Living with Samsung

How exactly will you be happy to have visited A July Dreamer, I hear you ask? Well allow me to share a secret with you, it’s all to do with Smart living. As much as I would love to take the credit for everything I am about to share with you I can’t. It’s all thanks to technologically advanced brands like Samsung that ups the game to a whole new level. What ‘new level‘ I hear you ask? Well making your daily chores (dare I say it) much more fun! Yes fun.

Samsung have a wide range of appliances that you hook sync up to your tablet or mobile phone and control remotely. Being able to control appliances from anywhere be at the office, on a school run or even on the beach is really appealing. If you’re anything like me and hate dislike coming home to a dark house? No problem,  there are gadgets designed specifically for that. Simply switch the power outlet on from your mobile phone and there was light. Want to switch off  your child’s nightlight after they fall asleep, not problem simply set a schedule and relax. One thing I like about Smart living is knowing your saving on energy bills by switching appliances off.

Protect your home with smart appliances

As a frequent traveler I am always worried about going on holiday and leaving my house vulnerable to burglars. Having an appliance that can help me monitor my home whilst away from home would ease my mind. Motion sensors with an alarm that detects if someone is in your house would definitely give me a peace of mind. These days there are alarms with cameras that shows a picture who or what is in your house. Record and watch from your phone allowing you to inform the police from anywhere in the world. Moisture sensors can monitor the temperature of your house and will alert you if there is too much moisture or leakage.

smart living

In the world of Smart Living many appliances like washing machines, hovers, TVs and even Fridges can be hooked up. All can be controlled from your phone using a simple App and whats more, the App is completely free. If you lost your remote control, you can just use your phone (also something fun to wind the kids up). Relax with your feet up while their Hoover does all the work for you.  Or set it to clean while you are away and come home to a clean space. Forgot to switch your washer on but want your clothes to be washed and ready to go when you get home? Simply turn the timer on your phone or switch it on.

The possibilities are endless.

Smart Living appliances can help you to keep on top of a busy life without sacrificing anything. Have you tired the Virtual reality goggles? You can be anywhere in the world just by putting on a pair of virtual goggles. It definitely beats staring at the same wall for 30 minutes everyday. Samsung like many smart living brands have everything one can need. The difficult thing is deciding which to install first, so tell me, what would you go for? what impresses you the most?