How to style a trench coat

How to style a trench coat? Like seriously I am blogging about trench coats when summer is right around the corner? But as my fellow Brits know, we never complacent when it comes to the weather. The unpredictability of the British weather leaves nothing to be desired hence why this topic is still relevant. I was just in Bucharest where I expected the weather to be everything awesome and then it rained. 🙄🙄. Not something I was expecting but it did and glad I took my leather jacket just in case when I returned the weather was cold.

Trench Coat
I am someone who loves to share my outfit ideas that I have mostly done trial and error on. Whilst I haven’t owned a trench coat in forever I know I am in need of one. Learning how to style a trench coat is a must for every fashionable you regardless of your style.
The weather has been mostly warm and promising us that summer will be one for the history books. This is why I felt some nice night wasted shorts and crop top would be perfect outfit to match the weather. You don’t have to pair with a crop top you could always opt for tank tops. Another alternative could you the wearing a shorts (normal) with a flared and colourful top. Because the British summers are not always warm, you can complete the outfit with a trench coat. There are many varieties on trench coats and since it’s much warmer, a spring or summer trench would do.
Trying to maintain the simplistic feel of the outfit I use minimal jewellery. The idea is not to draw attention away from the outfit itself. And I don’t know about you but during summer I don’t always like to wearing jewelry, I take it off. Any jewelry that might cause me to sweat is not something I go for but will embrace Aztec pieces.
And there you have it, that’s how I style a trench coat, what’s your style?