{Fashion Monday} Celebrating the last Three Decades

As I type this I am in Bali celebrating the last three decades of my life. Technically I am not 30 yet and won’t be for another few weeks. Because of work commitments I pushed to celebrate the last three decades of my life a little bit a early. I have mentioned previously on the blog how the thought of  entering the third decade wasn’t a welcome one. It was like an admission that I am definitely getting older, which is true but not a bad thing.

Celebrating Three Decades

Prior to your 20th birthday everyone in your eyes is quite old, by 25 the 20s are not bad. When you’re about to hit the third decade you can either embrace it or beat yourself about it. Either way it’s gonna happen whether you like it or not.

I had known early on that I wanted to celebrate the third decade abroad and not in my home. I had a choice between Bali and Hawaii but felt Bali was more on my budget than Hawaii and Bali it was. Getting here was an adventure in its own right, transitting via Doha and experiencing Qatar was epic. I can honestly say I feel the 30s are the best to come on this my adventure.


For many people {myself included} getting old has always can be a frightful thing to experience. No one wants to be closer to their death bed {provided something doesn’t kill you first}. We all want to live long and healthy lives but how long is long? I grew up in an environment of where life expectancy was between 35-40, a scary prospect. Though I rarely saw people die before or during the declared life expectancy it never stopped scarying people. But such is life, when I think about all the things I wanted to have in my life and what I have accomplished it’s astonishing to me. I do not claim to be perfect or be in the know how but I grateful and aware of my many gifts in this life.