Bali highlights 

Bali is a small island in Indonesia and home to many religious sites like Uluwatu and incredible beaches in Seminyak. I have the privilege of sharing some of my Bali highlights after spending 10 days at the beginning of June. Yes its weird sharing this incredible experience a month plus late but regular readers know of my busy schedule. June would go down as the month I traveled every single weekend to somewhere new and abroad in 2017.

Because it’s been so long I fear I might not do my Bali highlights much justice as some things I can not remember. I can certainly relate to you how I felt on the trip, it being my pre-30th gift to myself. Having turned 30 now I am glad I decided to go and experience this romantic island for myself. I learnt after a long time that waiting on people to help you accomplish a dream is a waste of time. Go do it yourself, or at least go and attempt alone before deciding you need someone’s help.

Indonesia: Bali Highlights 

Bali was on my bucketlist of places to visit before 30 and for 2017 places to visit. It was a dream come true when I finally flew from London to Bali via Doha. The flight was long and exhausting but the layover made all the difference and we managed to explore Doha. After spending hours in Doha (which I highly recommend) we continued with our connecting flight to Bali Denpasar.

Upon arrival the exist was not the fastest due to the amount of people arriving but it wasn’t longer than half an hour. Luckily for us our hotel was a mere 5 – 10 minute drive from the airport and didn’t wait too long for a taxis. What I would recommend is to always change money at the airport or big money exchange bureau. Whilst majority of Balinese are not untrustworthy some will try to cheat you out of the exchange rate and give you lower.

Where we stayed: 

Our hotel was located in Kuta, which is about 15 minutes by cab to Seminyak and easily accessible. Whilst Kuta is a lovely place because of its proximity to the airport it doesn’t offer much else. You will find lovely places to eat, drink and shop but not much else that gave it the oooh and wow factor. We ensured we spent at least a day just checking the town and seeing what it had to offer.

The resort we booked was everything we were expecting to find. Yes it could do with some improvements in terms of beds otherwise everything else was perfect. The food was lovely, the ambiance of the place was relaxing and the spa was incredible too. What I loved is the pool area where I spent majority of our 10 days in Bali.

Where we went

Knowing we had 10 days and knowing this was a relaxing holiday, we did things in moderation. We had a couple fully packed days and a couple of none mover days where we just enjoyed life. Bali like most of Indonesia has so much to offer, there is so much to see and caters for all.

We arrived on a Saturday and made it a mission to have breakfast at the hotel and then explore Kuta Beach. Like I said Kuta is nothing special and neither is the beach but it’s nice to walk on and better in early hours. Sunday was a more relaxing day of going to church then coming back and lounging by the pool side. Monday we had such a packed itinerary of; elephant riding, monkey forest visits and swinging off a gorge. Within a space of 3 days of arriving in Bali, I had conquered my worst fears: HEIGHTS.

From Tuesday onwards we had a mixture of exploring different parts of Bali with the taxis we hired and relaxing. It was very important for me to ensure I spent time relaxing and just enjoying being in the moment. There are so many things happening in the world and being the 21st century we are always on the go and never relax. I make it a point to spend time doing nothing and reflecting, appreciating and loving what I have.

I did so much I Bali, from elephant riding to relaxing on the beach in uluwatu. It was an incredible experiencing and I made sure to make the most of it. There is so much I want to share of my experience in Bali but I will do that slowly in coming weeks and months.