{Fashion Monday} Birthday Fashion Wishlist 

Birthday Fashion wishlist consists of items I would love to get for my birthday (hint hint friends and family). But to be honest if someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday I would probably say money. Don’t we all need money for something or rather? For me personally it wouldn’t be for the trips but to fund my MSc course. You see my work can no longer sponsor me and I don’t want to give up on my MSc. What is one to do?

Anyway such is life, today I wanted to share with you some of the Fashion items I am loving. This Birthday Fashion wishlist was thought of last-minute but isn’t it always the case for some of us. I am an organised person and often love to plan and love my to do list, but not with presents. It’s definitely NOT the end of the world so I am ok with having this flaw in my personality.

Birthday Fashion Wishlist

{Fashion Monday} Birthday Fashion Wishlist 

Coming back to the Birthday Fashion Wishlist, one of the many things I want is something Michael Kors. I know it’s silly but every girl deserves to have one at least one ‘luxury item’ and not just jewelry. Sorry if I am showing my materialistic side but I feel we deserve at least one thing {outside your rings} that is ‘luxury’. For me that luxury item is something from MK, it can be a bag, a watch, or even shoes.

Taking into account the awesome weather we’ve been having of late, I feel I need to update my closet. I have some lovely shorts which I have had for over 5 years {yes they still fit} that need replacing. You can never go wrong with some black shorts or some denim ones. I think they are versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything you want. Normally I pair mine with tank tops or spring tops which just give the outfit life.

One thing I love to wear during summer is a shirt dress, for me it’s just an essential item to have. Some of us love{d} wearing our bae’s shirts and these dress shirts definitely replace that if you don’t have a bae. Since I don’t and enjoying the single life, I felt it’s time I picked up another dress shirt for this summer.

No Birthday Fashion Wishlist is complete without some accessories or jewelry for good measure. I am in need of a new phone case for my iPhone 6 plus as all mine are quite useless. Also I don’t think one can have too much jewelry, one just has the right amount to wear.

And there you have it, my Birthday Fashion Wishlist for my upcoming 30th birthday.