Discovering Bali by Bike – True Luxury

Whilst many prefer to leave vital navigation up to a designated driver or tour guide, taking travel into your own capable two hands is just about the best thing you can do as a nomad with a lust for adventure and luxury. Many will recall horror stories of rented motorbikes causing them nothing but problems, with shady rental places claiming them to be damaged or scratched, but the reality is that these types of incidents are few and far between with the pros of travelling on two wheels far outweighing any cons. Being in a foreign land and navigating the roads (possibly on the opposite side to home) may seem daunting at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it, and just by speaking to the locals,  you’ll soon learn that hiring a motorbike is the ultimate way to see the real Bali and you won’t miss a thing. Let’s take a rundown of the luxuries of exploring Bali on two wheels.

The Unrivaled Freedom

Exploring at your own pace is the ultimate luxury when travelling. There’s nothing worse than travelling as a large group where you spend the majority of your time either waiting around for others or simply zooming past everything that’s great about a country! Taking to the road on your own will allow you to stop at your leisure when and wherever something catches your eye. Whether you’re taking an extra moment to ogle the Balinese sculptures on the side of the road or you want to get the perfect snap of swaying rice fields, you can spend an extra few minutes taking it all in and enjoying the moment.


Taking the road less traveled

Or maybe not even a road! When travelling on bike you’ll be able to find your way to places that are off the map and devoid of tourists simply because buses and cars can’t get there. This is a wonderful luxury to have on the road and will pay dividends when accessing those off the beaten track places in the north where tourism is yet to find its place. Looking at some of the fabulous luxury hotels in Seminyak you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d rocked up in a first world country, but Bali is a country that is still continuing to develop. Home to epic sunsets and spectacular coastal views, the likes of yeh sanih and Lovina should be on your biking bucketlist before finding their way onto the bucket list of the masses.



If you have serious doubt about your ability to ride a bike having never done so before, fear not, because hiring a driver to do the hard work for you is a very real and affordable option. Imagine weaving your way through the colourful country roads, hair blowing in the wind, without needing to reach for the map or needing to sell your soul to pay for the mobile data to guide you on your journey. Whilst this option isn’t for everyone, as often it can feel a bit like you’ve acquired a gooseberry, for some it’s a fantastic compromise to group travel, and seeing things through the eyes of a local in the know and doing as the locals do is a top privilege! Your local guide will regale you in stories of Bali’s rich cultural history, their own experiences, and most importantly – they’ll keep you away from the tourist traps.


Image source: Flickr