{Featured Brand} FUÜM – A good night’s sleep guaranteed 

FUÜM is a brand that I was only recently introduced to and definitely fell in love with their ethos. “Making the joy of owning a mattress as simple as possible, because life’s too short for bad sleep“. They have taken the hard work out of getting a good night’s sleep and created a unique mattress. Regular readers know I suffer from insomnia and I am an advocate for {legal} products to improve sleep. There are so many tips one can implement to get a good night’s sleep and a comfortable bed is a top one. So what makes FUÜM mattress the best mattress guaranteed to give you that restful sleep? Well let’s explore the brand then dive into the product itself.

FUÜM the Brand 

FUÜM a British brand that has combined the Danish concept of Hygge, and the lightness and structure of Japanese Ukiyo. Taking the idea of a sanctuary and lightness of Ukiyo, FUÜM has created a mattress that captures both. I must admit, I know nothing about Ukiyo but appreciate the concept of Hygge which lit up the Internet in 2016 is still ongoing. What I love about the company is unlike many mattress companies they offer a 10-year guarantee for your mattress. Not everyone can offer that guarantee to customers on top of that you get a 100-day free trial or your 💯 money back. On top of that, the mattresses are made, manufactured in the UK and quality tested by FUÜM . Not only are they sleep tested, if you order before 1pm (mon-fri) you get it delivered the very next day for free.

FUÜM -Mattress ~ the product 

The one thing that everyone looks for when buying a mattress is how comfortable it is. It’s important to get a mattress that is comfortable but moreover you need a mattress which will conform to your body. Nothing worse than waking up during the night because your side hurts from lying on the same side. FUÜM-Mattresses are designed not only to be comfortable but ones that are;

  • Made from Microquilted intelligent fibre cover, a breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Is Responsive and has relaxing memory foam
  • Is adaptive to the weather conditions
  • And has Ultra-resilient foam base layer

FUÜM-Mattresses are a product of over 10 years research into sleep, development and testing. Hence why they guarantee you 10 years manufacturer’s warranty for a restful sleep or you get a replacement. When we were asked to review the mattress I did some research and everything sounded great so I said yes. When the mattress arrived, it was compressed in a sized box that was easy to handle and drag upstairs to the bedroom.

Upon removing it from the box over the bed frame, the mattress started to expand and firm up. They advise to leave it up to 5 hours before jumping into bed to give it time to expand fully. Because the bed went to our parents room, I asked them after the first night sleep and few days after.

Dad – Best night sleep I have had for the longest time, felt rejuvenated in the morning.
Mum – After 12 hour shift she collapsed into be and was enveloped by comfort and slept soundly throughout the night.

Currently FUÜM have a promo code for £150 if you use the following code: FUUM150 at checkout. You can also check out FUÜM  on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @FUUMMATTRESS

Disclosure: I was provided with the mattress in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.