Back to school items your forgot about 

Back to school is less than two weeks away for kids in the UK and other parts in mainland Europe. Many parents have been frantically buying items that their kids will need for school. But have you forgotten anything else that should be added to the back to school shopping list?

You have always thought of the essential items to buy for your kids:

  • School uniform
  • Stationery
  • Shoes
  • Winter coats
  • Books

But what about the following items? I am sure depending on your location your kids will still need these items.

Back to school items you forgot about

Rain coats – for British parents I am sure this item has not escaped you at all. Instead of just buying a winter coat you’ve ensure it’s one that can play as raincoat too. If not, well you have just about two weeks to hunt for the raincoat.

Gloves – again for many parents in the northern hemisphere this is already on your list. Winter is coming as soon as school starts so ensure you have the warm gloves for your kids.

Swimwear – I know I am contradicting myself, winter is coming but I mention swimwear. Many parents know there kids still have indoor swim classes during winter. Make sure you pick up a couple swimsuits for your kids to use throughout the school term.

Wellies – in the UK it’s a well known tradition to always have wellies at home. It’s not just for farmers but it’s for everyone and your kids will need them if you want the school shoes to last. In the UK is rains more than any other place I have lived in so wellies are a must.

I am sure there are other items I could add but I have a strong belief parents have it already. Back to school is almost here and whilst some kids and parents don’t want it yet others want it. I hope this list of items was helpful and good luck with your back to school shopping and preparation.