{Fashion Monday} Styling off-Shoulder Ruffled Bell Tops

Off-shoulder ruffled bell tops have been on trend throughout summer and don’t seem to be going away. I have joined the party late but as they say, better late than never besides I am fashionably late. For the longest time I loved how off shoulder ruffled bell tops looked ok other people. I didn’t personally think they would look good on me especially with my cleavage. Little did I know that I just need to find a style that would suit my frame and match my personality.

Off-shoulder ruffled bell top

Off-shoulder ruffled bell top

Off-shoulder ruffled bell top

Off-shoulder ruffled bell topOff-shoulder ruffled bell top

How I styled an off-shoulder ruffled bell top

As I mentioned already, I avoided off shoulder ruffled bell tops like a plague. One day last week I did a mini shop with my sister and we stumbled upon this top. I knew the colour, the design and it’s simplistic nature spoke to me and I bought it. It’s the first off shoulder ruffled bell top that I haven’t managed to talk myself out of buying. 

When I got home after the mini shop I knew exactly how I was going to style this top. The first idea involved pairing it with black shorts which I wore to my date. My date appreciated the overall outfit he couldn’t keep his eyes off me though wasn’t the aim I was pleased.

I knew I was going to be traveling to Paris so I decided to pair the top with skinny jeans. Y’all know I am a sucker for skinny jeans as they are a staple in my closet and an essential all year round.

To finish off the look I paired this top with a strapless bra (a rarity for me) and sparkly canvas. I feel this outfit worked for me because all the pieces complimented each other. It’s a relaxed look you can wear to ran errands or wear on a date and will still look stylish.

Outfit details 

Top – Primark, on sale for £5

Ripped boyfriend jeans – New Look, £17.99

Canvas – H&M, £7.99

Strapless Bra – Amazon £17.99