Autumn 2017 Must Have Jumpers

Autumn 2017 is well and truly underway even though officially it doesn’t start for a couple more weeks. Those who know me know I am not one for the cooler weather conditions, I must rather prefer the sun. I am a summer baby and I will always crave the warmer weather than cooler weather. And it is because of this that is why I pay particular attention to my autumnal wardrobe.

I need to emphasize that I do not exactly dislike autumnal weather because I love booting it up. But I still prefer my flip-flops and shorts over scarves and jackets. Growing up in Zambia, we only had one proper month of cooler weather and that was in June. 90% of the time June was only cold in the morning and at night and the rest of the time it was warm.

In reviewing my Fall Fashion Essentials you will notice it contains items that will keep me warm. As I mentioned I love warmer weather more than cooler weather conditions. But what I do love about autumnal weather outside my woolies and hot chocolate is clothing. Summer items are ease to transition to Autumn without breaking your bank all by layering up. This is what I love about Fashion, you can change it to suit your needs {and the weather}.

Autumn 2017 Must Have Jumpers

For the Autumn 2017 must have jumpers, I have picked out jumpers that I am currently loving. As someone who dislikes being cold but stylish these would do just the trick. This year the autumnal weather promises to be cooler than usual so much that I have my heating on. Since there is nothing I can do about the weather I am choosing to stay warm wearing jumpers.

Last weekend when I went shopping with my sister, I picked up with lovely jumper from Primark. The detail on the arms and around the neck is simple yet impeccable. I also love the fact that it is open at the back and gives a great look to any outfit. The other day I chose to wear it at work with a white top inside and it looked lovely. But mostly I prefer to wear my jumpers on skinny jeans paired with canvas or high-heeled boots.

Are you ready for the autumnal weather? What do you think of my autumn 2017 must haves? Which jumpers are your favourite?