Top Places to pop the question

top places to pop the question

Getting engaged, is going to mark a profound moment in both of your lives. Whether you’re the one going down on one knee, or the one being asked for your hand in marriage. It’s one of the most sacred, special moments in the life of two lovers. The entire affair should be nothing short of perfect in every single way. Your relationship thus far, has led you both to this moment a representation of the beginning to your happily ever after.

Top Places to pop the question

For the male, (who normally does the asking), the planning and preparation leading up to the proposal can be extremely overwhelming. For most men (especially the ones who struggle to multitask-which is basically the entire male population). The thought of organising one of the most important days in the love-calendar sends his mind into overdrive. A million thoughts will be rushing through his head as he contemplates the perfect ‘rock’ to present to his lady-love.

The ideal words to say and how he’s going to say it, and very importantly: where he is going to pop the big question. It’s a lot for a man to juggle! But, with a memory that’s going to last a lifetime, a story that’s going to be repeated countless times, and photos that will be a constant reminder of the extraordinary day – he’s well aware that he needs to pull out all the stops.

Preparation is Key

Us women love nothing more than when our significant other goes the extra mile for us. We’ve watched way too many romantic movies and read way too many love stories, to know what we expect from our man, especially when he’s hoping for us to say ‘yes’. We’ve dreamt of our proposal and wedding day since the time we were able to walk and my oh my, if our vision outweighs the reality we’re going to be pretty disappointed-and he knows this.

But, if we have to be honest, although we have all these grand ideas about our big day we don’t actually mind what he decides to do. We just want to see effort, we want to see attention to detail and we want to know that he has tried his utmost best to make this noteworthy day, extra special for us.

Whether our significant other decides on a low-key proposal, or an ‘OTT’ affair, we’re going to be over the moon either way. You see, we’re not that difficult to please! So, men, we hope we haven’t shot your stress levels through the roof and if we have you’ll be happy to know we have some constructive proposal ideas for you, whether you only have two pennies to rub together or whether you’re fortunate enough to splash out extravagantly.

In the Comfort of your Home

Picture this: you’re both cuddled up on the sofa, drinking some wine and munching on snacks. The lights are dimmed, and soft music is playing in the background. You’re sharing stories and laughing until your stomach hurts, and you feel like it’s just you and her left in the world. When the moment reaches its peak, you get down on one knee and draw a delicate box from your pocket, revealing a magnificent sparkler.

You pour your heart out to your sweetheart and immerse yourself in the loved-up moment, and she holds you tightly and perhaps sheds a little tear of delight. Sounds like a scene from a romantic novel and it’s possibly the sweetest and most sincere way of proposing, as the evening is filled with love, warmth and the simple pleasures she adores. Popping the question in the comfort of your own home, in the company of only each other, is intimate and beautiful and gives you the space and privacy to relish in the moment.

top places to pop the question 

On the Beach

Sunsets have a way of intensifying the romance. Perhaps it’s the beautiful glow that transforms the sky into a picture-perfect painting or maybe it’s just the gorgeous warm colours, or the way the sun gently lies on the horizon. The moment becomes flawless as you marvel at the spectacle together, with the waves crashing before you, your feet in the sand and a special picnic laid out with all her favourite treats.

This is a magnificent way to pop the question thanks to the beauty of nature and the romantic energies swirling around you. It’s once again an intimate, heartfelt way to ask her to marry you, and you’ll have the opportunity to shower your lady with the sweetest words, in privacy.

top places to pop the question 

At the Aquarium

Popping the question at the aquarium with divers in the main shark tank holding up a banner, with the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’, is an extraordinary memory she’ll remember for a lifetime. It will most likely come as a huge surprise to her, especially because it wouldn’t even cross her mind that divers would be in the tank for her and especially not with a banner that asks that question. It is definitely a unique way to propose and she’ll appreciate the fact that you got creative with your idea and did something out of the norm. Also, with plenty of people around to witness the moment, it will add an incredible energy to your profound affair.

top places to pop the question 

Botswana, Africa

For the adventurous couples who love nature and enjoy beautiful sights, sounds and captivating encounters, Botswana is the perfect place to pop the question. The breathtaking African sky, open plains and impressive wildlife sightings will leave you both speechless. Going down on one knee in this idyllic setting, will make all her wildest dreams come true and will definitely get you earning some serious brownie points.

Experiencing an authentic African adventure is on almost everyone’s bucket list, which means you can’t go wrong with whisking her away to this remarkable destination. Botswana is filled with incredible natural beauty, luxurious stays and soul-stirring experiences – all the things you don’t want to miss!  

 top places to pop the question

Venice, Italy

Possibly the most heart-stopping way to put a ring on it is by spoiling her with a charming gondola ride through the enchanting waterways of Venice and surprising her with a question that will change her life forever. Venice is a striking, unique city just like her, (you may use that line if you like). Love birds especially, flock to Venice because of its charismatic sights, quaint, fairy-like town’s, candle-lit dinner spots and, of course, for the fact that it’s surrounded by water. If you can spoil her with the finest things in life, why not?

top places to pop the question

On a Rowboat in New York’s Central Park

Women find it incredibly attractive when their lover thinks out of the box and plans the most heartwarming surprises for her. Most women are romantics at heart and they love to see that characteristic come out in their partner. Taking her on a rowboat through New York’s Central Park and popping the question while meandering through the picturesque lake is quite possibly the best way to ensure she says yes!

top places to pop the question



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