The Ultimate Renting Rules #RentingRules

Renting your first apartment can be the most exciting thing in your life but can also be daunting. I have been renting apartment my current apartment for over two years now and it has its pros and cons. One of the big limiting things when it comes to renting an apartment is that it belongs to someone else. I shared tips on how you can decorate your rented apartment a couple of months back. Whilst these tips are helpful, one must also be aware of the Renting Rules between tenant and landlord. Thanks to Homelet we are sharing A July Dreamer’s Ultimate Guide #RentingRules.

Renting Rules #rentingrules

I moved out of my parents house almost 8 years ago now and since then been renting. In these 8 years I have had several types of landlords, from University to single landlords to corporations. I have also rented both furnished and non-furnished properties which has been an experience. With that being said, here are my ultimate Renting Rules!

The Ultimate Renting Rules #RentingRules

I am a great believer in creating a check-list and you might find it quite useful. Aside from that, the top renting rules for me are:

  • Take pictures – regardless of weather the property is furnished or non-furnished. When I was renting at university we found our deposit was deducted because of damage which was already there. But because we had no proof of this damage already existing we had to pay. For for the rule #1, take pictures of everything and share with landlord or agent.
  • Check the plumbing – on the same line as taking pictures, check the plumbing works.
  • Changing locks – request that the locks are changed before you move in. I have had people turn up at my place because they still had the old keys.
  • Clean the apartment – most landlords would have had the place cleaned but can never be too sure. I always clean the apartment before moving in especially the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Agree on bills – depending on your type of agreement ensure this is clarified. For almost all properties I have rented this has been one thing I discussed before signing the contract. You need to know what is included in the rent and what isn’t.

The tips above are just the basics that I have personally done before I move into an apartment. Homelet has put together an e-book {Final Renting Rules eBook} on the Renting Rules and helping tenants know their rights. I know personally this has been helpful as it has reinforced what I already know. But it has also taught me things I did not consider before which has been a relief.

Are you currently renting or a landlord? What are some of your Renting Rules?