{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} Fitness Junkies

Fitness junkies, in my family we have two of them and I am very proud to be the weird one. I always tell my siblings, we can’t have the entire family fit, we need someone chubby and I take that role proudly. Both my young siblings are Fitness junkies who truly love to exercise, whereas I prefer to eat and sleep. Thinking of items to get them is honestly hard because they seem to want similar but oh so different things. But I figured I give it a try to see what they think of my gift guide for fitness junkies.

As I have mentioned many a time on the blog, the gift guide are based on my family. The ideas shared here are those I know my family would  love and might be in need of. I am hoping the items shared in this guide would be of help to you and your family.

Fitness JunkieChristmas 2017 #giftideas for Fitness Junkies
Are you a fitness junkie or just love to exercise? Or do you know someone who is a fitness junkie? We’ve put this guide in hopes of helping you to get the best present for the fitness junkie in your life. Here are some of the items we are thinking would make great presents.

Fitness tracker

These days there are several versions of the same thing on the market and very appealing to us all. I love my fitness tracker just to I can say I have done my daily 10k steps than anything else. Recently I came across a couple on amazon which looked impressive but did the same job as my £9.99 tracker. Apparently the Motiv Ring is the next level up kind of fitness tracker which monitors your heart rate, activity and sleep patterns too.


When it comes to swimwear I seem to be the only one who does have the right items. I ended up having to buy some cheap items whilst I was a Bali, that definitely taught me to always buy the best. Simply Swim has some great items, as someone learning to swim I am looking at out the *Speedo range. I also also in need of some floats as I am not a fan of being under water.

Supportive workout Bra (for my sister)

Both siblings are runners and for my sister it’s important to have a supportive bra when she is running. The few times I have participated in running events I have regretted not having a supportive bra.


Another important item to add to the fitness junkie gift guide is having the right trainers for the right activities. For years I used the wrong trainers for running and wondered why my feet always hurt. It is of paramount importance to have the right trainers for right activity.

Fitness Apps

I am not guru on what fitness apps fitness junkies mostly like to have but my siblings have running apps. Both android and apple has a variety of fitness apps, most are free but a few cost a pretty penny. I like fitness apps that help me track not only my heart rate but food intake and resting time too. Care to recommend any that you find useful?

I am sure the many fitness junkies folks out there would add many more items to the list. But for now this is what I know my fitness junkies including myself are loving are in need of.