How to Spend a Day in Mainz #solo adventures

Mainz is a wine capital of Germany and it’s a city famous for inventing the movable type printing press. Until a couple of days ago I did not even know such a city even existed. The power of traveling and exploring is truly amazing, everyday I discover something new. I had a simple plan when I went to Frankfurt, I would tour the city slowly in 72-hrs. But as fortunate would have it, I finished Frankfurt in a day and half and needed another place to explore. I had considered Stuttgart but it was simply to far and expensive for my budget, Mainz was chosen. For two simple reasons;

  • It is really close to Frankfurt – 30-40 minutes train ride, I took the S8 underground train
  • It was really affordable – I paid almost 9 euros each way on the S8 train.

With no knowledge about the city or what to expect, I embarked on a journey I won’t soon be forgetting. I have 5 umbrellas but some how I managed to leave them ALL in the UK and took none to Frankfurt. The day to tour Mainz started with so much rain it hurt to go outside but I was not deterred. I had every intention of making use of my day and no rain was going to stop me!!!


How-to Spend a Day in Mainz

Mainz is a city lying on the west bank of River Rhine, formerly a fort for the Roman empire in the German region. Today it is a city known for its incredible university, inventing pressing and wine city. A city that is easily accessible from Frankfurt Am Main {by train or bus} and even Frankfurt Hahn {by bus}. As mentioned above, you can grab the S8 train from Frankfurt Central Station {Hauptbahnhof} or RE trains. Another option is ICE trains but these are much more expensive though faster.

When I arrived at Mainz Hauptbahnhof on that rainy morning, all I wanted was to get onto a tour bus. Unfortunately or was it fortunate, I couldn’t find one or maybe it wasn’t running that day. Regardless it pushed me to research what popular sights there were in the city and off I went. Pinterest is often my friend in terms of finding things to do, other bloggers have done the work already. With that I decided I was going to visit as many tourist spots whilst getting lost along the way.

Schillerplatz {Schiller Place}

Considered a ‘green-area’ in Mainz and is the most central place in the city. When I arrived they had a mini Christmas market going which was absolutely lovely. Even with the rain, it had a notable number of guests present enjoying the food and wine. Using google maps it was no more than 10 – 15 minutes walk from the train station.

Mainz Cathedral Dom {aka St. Martin’s Cathedral}

A 10th century Roman Catholic church located in the market place of Mainz facing Gutenberg Museum. It is a site to be beheld standing tall in this small German city on the banks of River Rhine. It is one of the most important churches in Germany designed by Ludwig Becker. The Cathedral is to the left of Schillerplatz, a mere 5 minute walk but it is viewable from a distance.

Gutenberg Museum

Gutenberg Museum ⇑

Named after it’s inventor Johannes Gutenberg is one of the oldest printing museums in the world. It is located opposite the Main Dom and was founded over 500 years ago. It is a treasure trove which has been dedicated to celebrating Johannes life and the printing world.

St Stephan {St. Stephen’s Church}

One of the most popular churches in Germany, it was completely destroyed during the WWII. Restorative works have been done and though I didn’t get a chance to see the blue windows which it is famous for. It was initially built for the holy Roman empire as the Empire’s Place of Prayer.

citadel, mainz

Zitadell {Citadel} ⇑

Originally the Citadel was an Abbey but later became a fortress of Mainz and sheltered the people during the various wars. It is a beautiful complex which I wish I could have seen inside but was closed on the day of my visit.

Christuskirche {Christ Church}

Christ Church is a protestant church which was badly damaged during the war but fully reconstructed after. It was designed by Eduard Kreyssig and has an 80 meter dome which makes it a popular attraction. I was completely blown away by the church and wished I had more time to enter.

state museum, mainz

Landesmuseum {State Museum} ⇑

One of the oldest museums in Germany, a museum of arts and history which was opened in 2010 after restorative work. It is located in the centre of the city of Mainz in the former electoral stables and has a huge collection of cultural arts.


Sites I stumbled upon in Mainz

  • Rathaus  {City Hall}!! Every city has a town hall and Mainz is no except although not every city hall has some incredulous designs outside them. I stumbled upon the city hall by accident, ok I got lost with my google maps and found the city hall. It is right next to the banks of river Rhine but not too far from the shopping streets of Mainz.
  • Holzturm {Wood Tower}!! This was another attraction that I stumbled upon after finding myself at the city hall which this tower faces. It is not that hard to miss, the design is gothic and dates back to the 15th century.
  • Gautor !! The Gautor or Gate is exactly as you’ve read it, it’s the only thing remaining of the fortress built around 1650. It’s a two-minute walk from St Stephan’s church and about 10 from Zitadell. I wasn’t truly sure what to expect and when I saw it wasn’t anything special.

St. Ignaz, mainz

St Ignaz {Parish of St. Ignatius}

Walking in the old town of Mainz I stumbled upon many beautiful buildings of which St Ignaz was one. It is a patronage church built around 1775 and is decorated nicely with gray figurines.

There are so many other places I managed to stumble upon on my one day in Mainz. It was raining all day but it did not stop me enjoying the city and you can too. I walked everywhere though public transport is readily available.

Have you ever been to Mainz, what were your initial thoughts?

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  • What a great place to visit with so much to do. Providing I bring an umbrella lol. I’d have to start at the ST. MARTIN’S CATHEDRAL because I love the details of this structure.

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