Rola Wala ~ Twisted Indian Street Food #foodie

Rola Wala has a new take on Indian foods encapsulating the street food experience with authentic and freshly made flavours.  With the mission to ignite spaces everywhere with incredible Indian flavours, Rola Wala offers a new experience. Founded by Mark Wright after his visit to India and hopes of bringing that experience to the UK streets.

Rola Wala means ‘The Man that Rolls in Hindi’, and man does their roll take you places. With two successful branches in London and Leeds a third had been added in Oxford’s Westgate shopping centre. There are many plans under their belt to expand further afield and with good reason.

Rola Wala Twisted Indian Street Food #foodie

We were recently invited to attend the newly opened branch in Oxford and couldn’t have been more excited. Though we had no idea what to expect when it comes to healthy Indian street food, but we were optimistic. We love trying new foods and Rola Wala promised to give us something different to your usual street food.

Those who know me know whomever I take with me as my plus one, has to also share their thoughts. At Rola Wala I went with my friend and my sister, we each tried different meals and loved it. Here is my friend’s {FoodieWin5ze} thoughts on Rola Wala.

First Impressions of Rola Wala’s Indian Street Food

When you first arrive at Oxford’s Westgate shopping mall, take the escalators one level down. Entering the Social Club area, Rola Wala is the first stand you see to your left with an inviting atmosphere. The branch has very enthusiastic staff  who made each and every customer feel welcome. Once you get in the queue friendly staff happily guide you through the steps to your ultimate dish.

I chose the Rola Sourdough Naan Roll paired with Rola Chicken Tikka option (chicken marinated with seven spices). There were options for adding extras which I couldn’t help myself and had the paneer cheese. The team member was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic with what they were working with. I felt that they cared about their customers.

The next step was the filling; pickled onions, carrots, coriander and various different sauces which added to the flavour. Lastly I had the corn kernal crunch added which gave the naan roll an extra crunch. When it came down to eating it I was very excited! I was surprised how light and fluffy the sourdough was. You wouldn’t have recognized it as sourdough naan which made it even more incredible. The chicken Tikka very tender and juicy, the paneer cheese added that extra texture making the wrap a go to choice. It was truly filling especially combining it with one of their crafted beer; Empress Ale. An ale light on your tongue, made to go well with the combination of spices.

Final Thoughts on Rola Wala’s take on Indian Street Food!

My experience at Rola Wala was insightful, made me realise how much planning and organising went into it all. The thought process through to the food itself down to every detail was insightful. Flavour marinating with each spice, sauce and the drink pairing with the meals. It was very interesting interviewing Danny and hear him speak with passion about the different sauces they make.

Everyone has different taste buds and he wanted everyone to enjoy each flavour to their own liking. Thank you Rola Wala for having us, we will be back again soon and good luck on your future endeavours!!

Disclosure: We were guests on Rola Wala, all opinions shared is 100% our own.