Current Competitions and Giveaways

A July Dreamer hosts different types of competitions and giveaways throughout the year. This page has be created specifically for those competitions and will be updated as frequently as humanly possible. All the competitions will be run via Rafflecopter, a fellow blogger put this articletogether which explains the rules. Rafflecopter is a more fairer way of entering competitions than me choosing a winner, it does randomly.

Please ensure to read the rules for each competition so you don’t miss out on winning. I always ensure to put the rules together for each competition and they normally vary. Do not be caught out because you didn’t read the rules. Whomever the Rafflecopter chooses as a winner, I get manually there entrants are will disqualify cheats.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What region does the giveaway cover; depends on competition, it can be; UK, Europe, USA, Canada etc.
  • Who can enter; only over 18 years old or those with permission from guardians
  • Who handles the prize; dependent on competition either A July Dreamer or the Brand or their PR
  • How often can you enter; once per competition but look for daily entrant points for each giveaway
  • How many giveaways on this page can I enter; all of them provided you fit the criteria i.e. country

Current Giveaways Running!

Win a 10×8 canvas print from Canvas Champ

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Win a textured Gown from DMART UK

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Win a Tea matcha set from Adagio Teas UK

*** coming soon ***

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