• My weekend in London

    Hey guys! So those of you who have me as there FB friend will know that I spent a weekend in London with a friend and his daughter. This post is just a quick recap of my weekend, some photos and extra post because I didn’t blog on Sunday.

    So Saturday started out like every other weekend in England, trains were delayed so I did not arrive in London until half 2 after leaving home around 11:30. When I finally arrived in marble arch where my friend and his daughter were staying they were not there they were in another town visiting Madame Taussauds.

     So I waited in a tiny cafe (pret) and ate my food slowly till they showed up. We had lovely catch up (over a KFC family bucket) then went to st James park (love this park).
    **my friend**

    After the visit at st James park as it’s a tradition in England the heavens opened up so we had to leg it to the nearest station. We went for a lovely walk around marble arch before finally arriving at the bed & breakfast. Once my friends daughter was asleep we bought six pack and talked about the good old days. Hit the hay almost mid night.

    Sunday started with another English tradition rain like there is no tomorrow, we had a quick breakfast and went on our way to Westminister Abbey. 

     **the side facing big ben**

     We were privileged to attend the service obviously no pictures allowed, the sermon was beautiful the choir heavenly. After the service I left the parent/daughter duo for some quality time and I bid my farewell. You will be happy to know that my ride home was as expected not only was there an hour bus replacement that I missed by mear 10 minutes it was raining cuts and dogs and it didn’t light up. So I got home soaking wet. But the good news is I had 2 left over beers from the six pack from Saturday night. 

    I love being home in my bed when it’s raining with a bag of popcorns tucked nicely next to me it was not to be this time I was comforted by 2 beers and a packet of crisps. 
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