My 5 Lip-care Secrets

For a long time I struggled with chapped lips and I used everything I could try to keep my lips moisturised but that one day when I would forget to pack lip balm that was the day my lips looked like I had a misunderstanding with a blender. So after countless YouTube videos and advice from friends I decided to start my own. Below I will share with you my lip care secrets.


1. Good diet ~ my partner always used to tell me (and still does) that I have a bad diet and that’s why my nails suddenly started breaking and my skin started becoming weird indicating I was missing something in my diet. So I changed my diet to reasonably healthy and I have noticed some change.
2. Exercise ~ those of you who red my 2nd blog will know that I attend gym classes especially spin and it has helped overall incredibly. I have found I sweat out so much of the “bad” stuff and my skin literally glows after each class and my overall physic has improved.
3. Hydrating ~ those who know me will tell you how much I hate drinking water I know how it sounds like but I do prefer juice and or sweetened water so to try and keep hydrated I drink water with a drop of either lime juice or blackcurrant.
4. Exfoliating ~ it’s not something I do often but now and again I use sugar and olive oil then I scrub my lips with my index finger or if I don’t have these readily I will use a cloth and hot water to gently cleanse off the dead skin peels.


5. Lipgloss ~ Giles lipgloss is my lip saviour it works wonders and the good think is ever since I started using it I can miss a day of glossing and my lips are still fine until I top up again which is great. In way this lipgloss has helped my lips stay shiner and moisturised for an entire day.
Thanks for reading my post, let me know your lip care secrets.

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