Wantable May|Accessories Box






I am sure you are wondering whats going on here on this blog, 2nd beauty box (wantable box) in a space of 2 days (laughs at self – this is all the beauty blog you get). Well I was paruzzing through facebook land once day when Wantable caught my eye, its been a few months now but I could not get the box because they did not ship to the UK then! guess what!! They do now. Like most beauty boxes you get an option of either subbing for a month, 3-monthly etc, for this box it’s monthly and the beauty is I can cancel anytime I want and can even switch up. You see Wantable has three categories Make-up, Accessories and Intimate;, I obviously chose accessories since make-up (though love it) is not my strongest point but I do wear jewellery almost daily. Consider this my wantable review!!!

So how does this subscription work, well unlike Love me beauty you:

  • Get to choose the category,
  • Take a personal style quick and then,
  • You get a personalized box according to your likes.


At first thought I wanted a make-up box so was ready to change it up but as soon as I saw the accessories that were delivered to me in an all but beautiful packaging all that doubt left the building (my brain). What I love so much about my wantable box is the fact that they send you only styles “YOU” said you liked not one size fits all kinda regime. It may be more expensive than love me beauty box but they send you exactly whats best for you and its coming from USA, also if you get make-up box they send “FULL” sized not mini samples. For accessories box you get personalized and on trend etc. I am in love with my box and I will be keeping my subscription for a little while longer. Only funny thing on my part is I chose the wrong ring size (7), am I the only woman who does not know her ring size? How am I meant to measure it or can I just go to a jellewer and ask him to try all the rings on me until one fits? (got long almost chubby fingers)

Have you ever heard of Wantable and ever tried their boxes?


**This is NOT a sponsored post**