{Betty Hula} Review




Rum & Blackcurrent| Champange & Spice| Wonderoil

Hi there and welcome, sorry it’s been a bit quite around these parts but I am just relaxing and easing myself back into the swing of things. I am sure you have seen the book reviews on my 2nd blog, I have been really enjoying reading my books and just wanted to share them with you all. Anyway enough rambling…

A couple of weeks ago now (possibly a month) now I was contacted by Betty Hula on twitter and they sent me these wonderful product samples. I already have the Wonder oil from the my beauty boxes and I was not disappointed, the oil is a miracle worker for me and I can not stop singing it’s praises. It’s part of my essential list of products now. The other samples I received were shear butter in Rum & Blackcurrent and Champagne & spice.
As you can see in the photos the covers are a little worn and I apologise for that but I wanted to use the products first before I said anything about them.

Rum & Blackcurrent –> I will honestly say I did not think this combination would actually work and was not sure about the smell when I read the description. I am pleased to say I was very surprised because it smells absolutely devine, I am particular about my body lotion because as a woman of colour usually no lotion on body my skin looks really ashy and I do not feel that look so was pleasantly surprised when after several hours of wearing the shear butter moisturising cream my legs were still looking great and no sign of “ashyness”. The cream is white in colour, very smooth and quite cool when applying on skin.

Champagne & Spice –> I honestly didn’t like the smell of this combination but spice has never really been my thing. But other than that it worked wonders as well, didn’t leave my skin ashy but moisturised and protected. I did not feel the need to reapply as it lasted me all day. I will only fault this product on the smell as it’s not my cup of tea.

Have you ever heard of Betty Hula or used any of there products? I will most certainly be going back for my wonder oil and the Rum & Blackcurrent sheer butter moisturising cream.

To find out more about Betty Hula please see there website HERE and Twitter HERE.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above from free, regardless I only recommend products I personally used and tested and also believe would be of interest to my readers.