New and Improved nightly skin care routine


Hi there, with my fatigue slipping away faster than I can say ah I wanted to share with you the new and improved nightly skin care routine. You might remember some time last year I documented my nightly routine (not the greatest but whatever), obviously that has now changed and I wanted to share with you my new and improved nightly skin care routine which is very adaptable and easily changed dependant on how you feel (I think). As you age your skin changes Its important to develop a good skin care routine that will help with problem spots, breakouts, dry skin, under the eyes, pores etc.

Step 1 – Removing makeup at night

Step 1 - Removing makeup at night

Before going to bed use wipes to wipe off makeup. Remove makeup, dirt,oil, mascara and anything else that might have accumulated during the day.  I usually use the “simple” wipes to remove my makeup and anything else on my skin but as you read the other day I sometimes use the Arran Aromatics lavender and mint face wash for good measure. Listed below is an alternative you can use from Beauty Treats. Green Tea wipes  smell great and they have all sorts of flavours.

Beauty Treats – (3 Pack) BEAUTY TREATS Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues – Green Tea – $7.50, 6.37 shipping – Available at Marketplace

Step 2 – Use the Clarisonic Brush with a cleanser

Step 2 - Use the Clarisonic Brush with a cleanser

To ensure I have removed all the makeup and unclogged my pores I use the body shop’s makeup remover brush which is small enough, handy and does the job. But does not work for all especially  if you wear a lot of makeup. The alternative is the Clarisonic brush which can get deep into your pores.  Use the sensitive head to get a deep clean that is not hard or abrasive and does not hurt your skin.

For dry skin use a more delicate cleanser with your Clarisonic brush, “DermaQuest delicate skin cleanser” for example. Put a little bit on the brush and lightly scrub your face. Afterwards take a wash cloth, wet with warm water and then just clean off your face.

Clarisonic – Mia Sonic Cleansing System – Lavender – $97.99, Free shipping – Available at The Beauty Place

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Step 3 – Use a dermatologist prescribed Retinol Cream

Step 3 - Use a dermatologist prescribed Retinol Cream

Once have rinsed my face I do not always use cream for any areas I just skip straight to the moisturiser. But for my ladies out there who use creams for targeted areas you can use “Retinol cream”. Note – please consult your dermatologist for the right prescription. Start with a small dosage (0.05%) as it can cause peeling on your skin.  Apply a light layer to targeted areas such as cheeks, chin or forehead for smoother skin.

RoC – Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream – $16.00, See Site shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

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Step 4 – Apply a serum

Step 4 - Apply a serum

I usually skip this part as I do not use serums of any sort (yet) but If you have dry skin,  you can use a serum like Ole Henriksen.  It has vitamin C and other great nutrients for your skin and smells of oranges and its not too oily. Put a little bit on your hands, rub it together and gently pat it on your skin wherever it’s dry. Forehead, neck, etc.

Ole Henriksen – truth serum collagen booster 1oz – $48.00, 4.95 shipping – Available at Marketplace

Step 5 – Use a moisturizer

Step 5 - Use a moisturizer

To moisturise as many know I use simple – rejuvenating  lotion or hydrating cream as my face can do with it. But you can also use a moisturizer like Nia24.  It has a skin strengthening complex. This has niacin in it and it and does not cause breakouts. It hydrates your skin without leaving it oily.  Add a little bit of it and put all over your face and just kind of rub it in.

NIA24 – Sun Damage Repair for Decolletage and Hands, 5 fl oz – $34.00, 5.48 shipping – Available at Marketplace

Step 6 – Add your eye cream

Step 6 - Add your eye cream

The final step for your skin care routine is the eye cream if needed. Use it when the areas under your eyes get dry. Especially as we age, this area tends to lose the moisture, circles develop.  Something that is hydrating helps with the circles. Murad makes a the renewing eye cream that is hydrating and feels like silk. It’s just an amazing eye cream. Use just take a little bit of it and just gently kind of pat it underneath your eyes to keep everything nice an soft.

Murad – Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream – $55.49 (29% off), Free shipping – Available at The Beauty Place

Develop a skin care routine of your own and use it every night if possible. What is your skin care routine? Share your comments below.


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  • Kristine Foley

    I am so bad I need to get into a routine that works for me! Love how easy yours is! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Kristine, sometimes it’s hard to keep a routine x

  • Good routine. I’m lucky if I even have time to remove my makeup.

    • Thanks Jessica, I am sure you boys keep you on your toes x

  • Carly Anderson

    I just got a clarisonic, I love it!

  • i LOVE my clarisonic….i’m actually reviewing it on the blog this week! it changed my face-washing world

  • Oooo, I could use a brush like that! Great product recommendations!

  • I love my eye make up remover and my skinvigorate brush is so amazing! It’s so important to take care of your skin!

    • Absolutely, we all need to learn how to best care fir our skin

  • Love serums you love them 🙂

  • Definitely checking some of these out!

  • Jessica

    I never knew so many of these products existed! Lol. Awesome!

  • Thoughts: face wash with mint is phenom; totally want a Clarisonic; and yes, you should definitely get on the serum train. You won’t regret it. I recommend a Vitamin C/hyalironic acid blend serum. They rock.

  • looks like a great routine!

  • Karissa Ancell

    I love face wipes but I’ve never tried any with green tea.

  • I really want to try those green tea wipes – I am a HUGE fan of green tea and all its “magic” powers! <3

  • Julie B

    Great routine! I’ve literally just posted my whole skincare routine today too! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  • Michelle Chouinard

    I adore Roc with my whole heart…

  • Great routine! I am going to check out a few of these products!

  • I actually have both the ole henrikson and the murad eye cream. i’m waiting to finish my current ones before i try these but i’m super excited 🙂

    • Cool, let us know your opinion once you start using them x

  • I like the sound of the green tea wipes. Feed my belly and my face,

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    I really really want to get the Mia! I think you’ve got me sold!

  • What great skincare options. I love love love that Ole Henriksen. Super good stuff.