{Christmas Challenge} Five Goals

12 Days of Christmas Challenge


So Christmas is almost here (insert scream), I can not believe in less than 12 nice long days it will be Christmas. Though I am very excited I am also very nervous as I still have not managed to buy the Christmas presents for my family. I thought I had an idea but I definitely do not and I am getting really worried. Anyway, though I am doing this challenge I want to do it a bit different in that in each post I will be sharing 5 things on whatever Christmas project I have scheduled for that day and also I am splitting the 12 challenges across my two blogs: The Myrabev Life will have half which fit with the theme of my blog and A July Dreamer will have the remainder 6 which fit the theme and it start’s with this post.

Today’s post is centred around the 5 goals that I want to achieve for this blog before the end of the year – wanted before christmas but I needed to be realistic. I will be honest this month I am so busy that I did not want to make any goals but since I do goals every month and always feel happy holding myself accountable to something it was paramount that I set some, so here go–als nothing.

  • Buy Presents – As I mentioned already I still have not bought any presents for my family and I really need to get a move on it so I am holding myself accountable.
  • Do all my Product reviews before the year ends – this looks and feels like every single month for the last 6 months has been on the goals list. I am thankful for the opportunities.
  • Watch 5 Christmas Movies – tis the season so why not, I love christmas movies and watch them throughout the year
  • Attend Winter wonderland in Hyde Park – was meant to go today but changed my plans but I so need to go this year.
  • Attend Christmas Church Service – It’s part of our family tradition (both my boo’s family and mine), ever since I can remember I have always been in the Lord’s house every Christmas morning.

These are some of my goals for December 2014, what are some of the goals you want to achieve before the year ends? I know for some there is a lot and for some they are just content with free flowing of the month which is fine too. Happy Holidays xoxo