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A while ago I shared a post written by a guest blogger kate who wrote about ‘Tea to suit your mood‘, I enjoyed reading this post because I am a tea drinker and I can go as far as state to be I am a Tea Addict. Growing up I always loved drinking tea, I do not know what it is about tea but I just love it so much that I am always trying out different brands and flavours. I have narrowed it down to a few favourites but today I wanted to share with you some of the new discoveries I was sent by the lovely people at Dragonfly Tea. I was reading an article a couple days ago about the benefits of drinking tea and I found the following information;

  • Most tea’s contain antioxidants
  • Contain less caffeine than coffee
  • Protects your bones
  • Bolsters your immune defense system
  • Keeps you hydrated – this is huge for me as you know I am not a fan of drinking water.

ChaiKnowing all this information I was very happy to receive these teas by Dragonfly, ‘a family-owned British tea company with a hundred year heritage of sourcing, growing and making artisanal teas. Dragonfly supplies different types of teas and I was very impressed with there product range booklet which came with the products. I was sent four different types of teas which I must say have enjoyed tasting for the past week and half (needed to be thorough), and I can honestly state I loved them all and my top top favourite is the Chai tea with Rooibos. My dragonfly tea moment has to be when I am stuck in my e-mails at work and I am sipping away as if the answers or ideas will jump from my tea mug (insert happy smiley face). Now that you know my favourite let me share what I got.

PURE_Box-visual_golden_himalaya_grandeGolden Himalaya – Organic Darjeeling teaThis elegant, summer harvest Darjeeling is grown in one of the most illustrious tea gardens of the misty Himalayan foothills in North East India. It is the cool moist climate, at altitudes of up to 6,000 feet, and the natural minerals in the soil, that make for such fine leaves.

Review – I liked this tea, it was very refreshing. It’s considered the champagne of teas. No bitter taste and very light.


Moroccan Mint – Organic Green tea: An authentic blend of PURE_Box-visual_Moroccan_Mint_grandenaturally sweet spearmint leaves from Morocco and gunpowder green tea from China. This tea was inspired by Morocco’s rich tea-drinking tradition. In Morocco it is served throughout the day, both between and during meals. Every cup of this wonderfully reviving tea is said to be a refreshing surprise.

 Review – Not a fan favourite for me am afraid, I did enjoy drinking it but I did get a bit of bitter taste after. But drunk with sugar eliminates that.

Cape Malay Chai – organic spiced RooibosInspired by Cape Town’s 300 year culinary traditions, this naturally caffeine free spiced tea perfectly fuses European and Asian influences. It is one of our PURE_Box-visual_Cape_Malay_Chai_withGTAsticker_grandemost popular teas. Warming Cape Malay spices are blended with rooibos tea from Cape Town’s Cedarberg Mountains. The rooibos is still cured in the traditional way and requires great skill to harvest well — one sign that it is ripe for harvest is the wild honey bees that flock to the bushes.

Review – This is by far my biggest love, I have drunk 10 of the 20 sachets contained in the box. I love the taste, the uplifting spies which are soothing and just overall enjoyment. If I was to recommend one from this list, I would mostly certainly recommend this one. Maybe I love it more because it’s naturally caffeine free (just saying).

PURE_Box-visual_Swirling_Mist_f9b4c49c-93e5-4ff4-ad49-07162d7d2d32_grandeSwirling Mist – organic white teaNamed after the silvery down that covers the underside of leaves, this authentic Bai Mudan white tea is grown in the high mountain mists of Fujian province, China. In Spring, the tender shoots are carefully selected and cured, an artisanal craft perfected over centuries. White tea offers an exquisite range of flavour and aroma and is both refined and refreshing.

Review – I enjoyed this tea though not drunk as much as the chai tea but its so light and tastes you on a relaxing journey to the Fujian province.


The dragonfly teas are enjoyable and ones I am always reaching for in my tea cupboard, I am also taking a sachet of each to work with me as I drink a lot of tea. I love that the design of the boxes – you know packaging is everything is so stylish and classic, love how even after opening you don’t have to remove the sachets and put in another contain you can still use the original packaging as storage great for those of us who constantly on the move around. Each box contains 20 sachets and I think for £2 it’s more than worth it compared to others in its league. Each individual box has one side providing more info on the type of tea and the other side has general information which appears on all boxes. As seen the face of the box details the tea type and brief info plus category. Would I recommend these teas to family and friends yes I would and have in most part and now sharing with my readers. Please note the range is not limited to what I was sent, see the Dragonfly Tea website to see more and learn about why they have the dragonfly symbol and their philosophy.


Disclosure – This is a sponsored post, I was sent the Dragonfly Tea’s to help facilitate this review. I always provide an honest review and never influenced by the like/dislike of the company and/or product. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I myself am happy to use.