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The habit calculatorOver the last couple of years especially after finishing university I have some what needed a social event of some sort a few times a month to make me feel a little bit like I am human not just a working machine. How many of you find or found that you were working to have a better life but actually never had the time to enjoy that life because you were busy working for it? So in hopes of actually wanting to enjoy my life I called upon different friends and every month once or twice we get together for a good old catch-up and this has now become part of my life and don’t get me wrong, I do love it but I did not really think about how much this ‘habit’ was now costing me because I just wanted to spend the money I was earning at least on things that made me happy.


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Today I had the opportunity to review the habit calculator and let me just say ok I so need to change my spending habits. Obviously I am working towards becoming debt free after all the debt I racked up during my university days and I share these money issues on The Myrabev Life. But even though I working towards becoming debt free I didn’t really put much thought into my habits other than the beauty boxes that I used to get money and now cancelled 3/4 of them. The habit calculator has opened  my eyes to other areas of my life that I could do with cutting back on and possibly adding that money towards saving for a mortgage and/or a car for the future. I was shocked at some of my results so much that I want to see how conscience I will be during the month of December in how much I feed my habits and maybe find other avenues of satisfying those habits without sacrificing an arm and a leg. You can do a self calculation of your habits on the Legal & General webpage.


I do like the idea of this habit calculator and the initiative behind this is to get us thinking about our futures by putting our habits into perspective. I am glad I have checked how much my habits affect my use of money, and it’s not just on night’s out but on other things like alcohol and makeup. Obviously it been the festive season we want to keep hold of all our money to get the best presents for our loved ones so you could do the following to ensure you get the best of both worlds; good presents and saving for the future.

  • When out and about bring along your favourite drink and since it’s cold carry a flask of your hot drink, it may seem like an inconvenience but is saving you from spending money
  • Make lunch at home instead of buying food when out and about
  • For a night out, doesn’t always have been be out and about on the town it could be a night at a friends house and cook the food you already have. Or each contribute to the meals by bringing something from home.
  • Don’t go shopping hungry, this is always a bad idea so pack some food like fruits and also eat before leaving.
  • Make personalised gifts, I am not DIY savvy but home made cards or even using the photos you have online and printing them and there a lot of companies who do them for cheap with wonderful frames.

I hope you find these tips helpful and once you have used the habit calculator you can determine where you can cut back and where you can substitute completely.