2015 Monthly Goals Linky

2015 monthly goalsI am sure you’re have seen a lot of blog/personal goals by now and I am actually quite happy to see all the goals being set. As some of you may know I am ANTI-RESOLUTION, it seems every time I set New Year Resolutions I set myself up for failure which I hate. I know we learn from our failures (at least some of us) but these are some that I was not gonna repeat so in 2013 I made a decision to stop setting resolutions and just set Monthly goals. It seems I hit a jacket pot because ever since I started I have done almost 90% of the goals I set and I think the success is because my goals have been focused and measurable which is very important when setting goals. I have also realised that since I plan what goals I want to accomplish that month it helps me stay focused and hold myself accountable.



This year! though my goals will be monthly and I will continue to do them, I want to do them a little bit differently. Firstly, as I shared on my Instagram a couple days ago I have set my FIVE goals which I will be checking on every month and I also want to include a link-up for these goals and want to invite all of you to link up your goals whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. 

The rules for the link-up are simple, link up max 2 goal posts. I will share them all on twitter and facebook.

2015 Monthly Goals: Main goals

  • January – Naturalisation, so I have decided to give up my Zambian citizenship to become British. Zambia does not do duo citizenship hence the need to surrender my Zambianess, and to do that need to apply and pay a whopping £904. February will be a no spend month because of this.
  • February – Car lessons, I can drive (confidently enough) but need few more lessons as well as re-do my theory test since my certificate expired last year April
  • March – July, Book 3 holidays abroad. If January application comes back before March I will throw in a couple of weekends to Europe.
  • August – October, Save up for my house. I need to rent or buy my own place soon so fingers crossed I can get on the property ladder soon
  • November – December, Get a car. Though I will be doing my lessons from February I want to be slowly saving up for a decent car that can take me from point A to point B

These are some on my 2015 Monthly Goals, what are yours? Do you set goals and do you have a preference frequency?


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