{Fashion Monday} Add some colour

Add some colour


Last weekend I met up with my good blogger friend Jemma of Celery and Cupcakes along with her adorable & gorgeous son AJ for some much needed catch-up and so I could overdose of some AJ love. Afterwards they escorted me to Primark where I picked up a few items which I wanted to show off today. Though people say I dress nice I do not think of myself as a fashionista but I do have my moments like anybody else. I am glad the winter is on it’s way out and spring is coming up which honestly does not make much of a difference in the UK weather but for those odd days here and there I have decided to add some colour to my closet. During my mini shopping spree I picked up some Denim Co skinny jeans in three colours and some lady bottoms for weekends or night’s in at the boo’s place.

Add some colour - AJD

I dress most of my skinny jeans quite simple, usually I will wear with a T-shirt and an oversized cardigan. Other times I would wear with a leather jacket, but since it’s too cold at the moment I wear with a jumper instead. For shoes I am currently wearing them with either ankle boots or knee high boots dependant on the weather.

How do you wear your skinny jeans?


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