{Review} Power Theory’s Power Bank

Disclaimer: A July Dreamer was sent this product for purposes of giving an honest review, no other forms of compensation were received.

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When was the last time you were traveling and your phone or gadget died and had to wait till you either got home or asked someone for a charger before you could charge your phone or gadget? This has happened to me numerous times, and the most recent one is as early as January 2015. When an opportunity was presented to me to review this power bank I was more than up for it because I had always wanted one always borrowed my Boo’s power bank if he was not traveling which was rarely. In this review I bring it down into sections, what the powerbank is, how its used and if it’s worth recommending.

What is a Power Bank?

Well a power bank is a portable charger or power supply which can charge any USB supported devices (unless specified differently by manufacturer). Most Power banks are for smart phones, cameras and/or tablets like Ipads. The power bank is made from ultra high-density A+ Li-polymer battery cells and premium microchips. It has LED light battery indicators and intelligent circuit board to prevent overcharging

How is it used?

Before you can use the power bank it has to be charged preferably 100% before any use so get the best out of the product. I was sent a 1000 mAhs which took almost 3 hours to charge, once charged I used it to charge my 2 iphones and my HTC phone plus iPad 3 times before it run out of power. To use the power bank your device needs to have a USB cable which can be inserted into the power bank. The power theory power bank came with a 3-in-1 USB cable to charge my devices and it’s own USB cable to charge it but did not have the its own adapter this is something you need to have yourself. Also the power bank has two slots for inserting your USB cable, dependant on the device you can choose which output you want 2.1A or 2.5A

Specifications (provided on packaging)

It is a PT1000 model with recharging time of 7-8 hours and has a 1000 mAh capacity. It weighs 200g and is 132x82x14mm in size and has a cycling time of 500. Its very sleek and stylish too and love that I can carry it anywhere

Is it worth Recommending?

Compared to a few power banks I have seen from friends and family it is definitely worth recommending. I do love that since I have had it it’s lived up to its expectation but Boo did mention to me that the current keeps fluctuating and not always reaching 2.5A output. He also mentioned that at times it seems to be oversupplying meaning the mechanism does not seem to be detecting it fast enough when it goes above 2.5A output. I have not noticed any damage to my devices so maybe this was just when Boo was testing it.

Where can you purchase it?

You can visit the amazon store or go directly to their website Power Theory. When I got mine it was £19.95 but now it’s £23.95 and $19.99 on their website. They come in two colours white and black and also in two different types 1000mAh and 500mAh.


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