{LIFESTYLE} Home decor trends that never fall out of fashion

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Interior design trends are always changing, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to find the best furnishings and accessories for your home. You might feel like no sooner have you bought something for your property than it’s fallen out of fashion. There are certain styles that never seem to lose their charm though, and here are three of the best.


Statement four-poster beds

Many beds simply blend into the background, but this certainly can’t be said for statement four-posters. As bedroom furniture specialist And So To Bed points out, as well as offering impressive levels of comfort, these majestic pieces can be a feast for the eyes. They have been favored by discerning home designers for centuries and are now available in a range of materials, including solid wood and forged iron. From ornate, traditional designs that would have looked at home in a medieval monarch’s chamber to more minimalist, contemporary creations that have a pared back appeal, these features can add instant class and style to virtually any sleeping space.

Unlike many other furnishings, you can rest assured that if you invest in one of these pieces, it will remain firmly in vogue for as long as you care to keep it. Epitomising luxury and decadence, these beds have an unshakable style that helps to set them apart.


Country farmhouse kitchens

When it comes to kitchens, we’ve seen it all. From the lurid lino’s of the 1970s to the brushed metal of modern industrial-style cooking spaces, there have been plenty of different trends over the years. However, as these fads have come and gone, one style has always been there in the background and has never fallen from favor. A timeless classic, the country farmhouse kitchen is characterised by its use of warm, homely colors and rustic solid wood countertops and units. These designs look just as good today as they did decades ago. As an added bonus, this type of kitchen tends to be practical, easy to use and durable.


 Spa-look bathrooms

There has been no shortage of bad bathroom trends. From cheap and tacky laminate floors to colored bathroom suites, most of these design schemes are best forgotten. In contrast, one surefire way to create a bathroom with enduring style is to recreate that sense of spa luxury in your own home. With their satisfying curves and generous proportions, roll top baths can make the perfect addition to these spaces. Alternatively, a fully tiled wet room complete with rainfall shower might be ideal for your property. For enduring appeal, keep your colors neutral and make sure your design scheme sooths rather than shocks.

These are some of the ways you could vamp up your home with styles that do not go out of fashion.

What do you think of the idea of having a spa-like bathroom?

Any plans to decorate your home?


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