{Travel} Korea Day 2 – 3


I am still re-living my visit to Korea and it will be a month next week since I returned. I still can not believe that even when I type it because it really does feel like just yesterday that I sat through a 2 hour flight to Munich then a 10 hour flight to Incheon, Seoul. You would think after sitting on the plane for that long I would be wanting to stay away from such a long trip for at least a year or so but no I am actually going back to Seoul in a few months time. I felt like my 7 days in Seoul was too short especially with when going I lost a day due to time difference but gained when I was returning.

From the time “Oppa Gangnam style” song came out, overnight the light was shown on a small country called Korea and the world just wanted to see what exactly is Korea and were fascinated by the culture. When my bestie who is now teaching English in Korea went to the states for year abroad as part of our university program she came back with a huge Korean obsession which as a bestie shared big time with me and I was hooked. We were watching K-Dramas (Korean dramas) daily sometimes 16 hours straight instead of revising for our final university exams, we still marvel at how we were able to graduate with honours with such an addition. We started talking about one day visiting Korea and that if ever one of us went the other had to go visit and before we knew it my friend had gone and there I was planning my visit.

If you have not already you can check out my Day 0 and Day 1 in korea.

For day 1 I had forgotten to mention our shopping trip & Lunch in Myeong-dong.

day 2

Day 2 pretty much started out like day 1, we had gone out the night before, had too much to drink, met new people and were hangover. Though it sounds bad and mostly like hell it was not as bad as how hot it was and trying to sleep in the bright room on earth. The apartment did not have curtains only Korean style windows which let all the light in and if you went to bed at 6 in the morning it was incredibly hard to sleep. I obviously had my eye mask but still struggled, my bestie well with her head hits below and she is dead end of.


When we woke up it was late afternoon we decided best to lazy about and have dinner in the same town we were planning to go clubbing again and that was Itaewon. I had never seen for many foreigners in a foreign land stand out so much like they do in Itaewon, you have your Americans, your British in majority and then other nationals like chinese and canadians etc but you can still pick out the foreigners. I was told that Itaewon wasn’t that popular in the last couple of years due to the number of foreigners there but now it is the place to be, it is the place to dine and the place to club. I loved it very much and maybe because I was with my bestie or maybe coupled with that was we were clubbing I do not know but I did love it.


Day 3 is pretty much a repeat of the previous day beginings, arriving home in the early hours (6am) then sleeping until past 12pm. We decided to be sensible and save our livers for the few days I have left, so we ordered in and spent all day watching a mixture of american and korean dramas. I think though I had so much fun so far, day 3 seemed to be the best day yet because I got a chance to finally rest and finally get rid of the jet lag. From the day I arrived until day sleep I had spent a total of 10 hours sleep and the rest I was awake and if not fatigued was clubbing.

Re-living my holiday like this makes me smile so much and remind of me of the days I have to look forward to. I can not wait to go back July and can not wait to do more things than the first time.

My love for Korea is no longer just in the KDramas but now in actually visiting the place.

Have you been to Korea before? or Have you ever watched Korean Dramas/Movies?

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