{TRAVEL} Namiseom Island ~ Korea (Part 2)


Last month I shared with you my trip to Korea’s Namiseom Island, I absolutely loved my time there and can no wait to go back. Getting to Namiseom Island is not hard dependent on where you are, we travelled from Hongdae a couple of trains and we arrived in Gapyeong station then a bus ride to the port to ride the ferry to the beautiful island. The ferry ride is less than 5 minutes and the view is just breath taking, I wish we had the time to do some water sport when we were at the island as I would love loved to see this view from above.



Look at how beautiful these trees are, were saw the different trees in there glory and they provided much support as we made our way through the island.IMAG0563




Arriving and departing the island you’re exposed to this wonderful view, when we got off there was a very very long cue lined up on the side for the people who had gone earlier and wanted to return.




Last post I shared some of the pictures we took whilst in the museum, I know you guys loved the pictures and I promised to share more so here you are.



Let me just say me and bestie had a good laugh, it’s not every day you walk into a gallery museum full of naked statues. I really do not know the motivation for the artist creating these statues but they are very intriguing.







Once we left the gallery and had our ice cream we headed round the island and sat at the small benches around the island and saw a lot of fish which was pretty cool and very relaxing I must say. You would think the island being surrounded by water would be cooler it was actually hot and needed somewhere like the fish pond area to cool down a bit.PicMonkey Collage

The entire walk was awesome, what was not awesome was after we got off the island we had to wait 3 hours before we could get on a bus back to Gapyeong island. I was very disappointed in that for such a beautiful tourist destination they would not have dependable transport system. Even those who drove there were stuck in traffic for hours, you ware better off booking a taxis and agree on time to be picked up as buses I would not recommend them.

It is a walkable distance am told but after spending hours walking on the island the last thing you want is another hike on the road.

Overall I love Namiseom and would visit it again but this time it will be different.

Have you ever been or wanted to visit Korea?


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