2nd Blogavesary & Financial Report

financial report

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday and today I am celebrating my second blogavesary for A July Dreamer, where is the time going? I can not believe that it’s already been 2 years since I started blogging and even more surprising is how much my blog has grown over the last 2 years. I remember how unsure of everything blog-wise I was and how scary it was starting out with no support whatsoever. I can not believe how far have come, I still have loads to learn but I am slowly moving my feet towards improving my blog. I had mentioned in my July goals that I was not going to be detailing my journey since I started blogging but I thought I do a financial report for 2015 so far.

January 2015 – To start off the year I worked with  2 online retailers to do a sponsored post, each paid $20. Then I worked with Oz Natural & Refresh skin care, both these companies sent me beauty products together totally £120. Then I worked with George Asda (Wal-Mart) and they paid me £250 in store credit, I worked with other clients but I honestly do not know how much they add up to.

So for January I made £370 in store credit and $40 (£25) in bank.

February 2015 – I did one sponsored post $20 (£12) and a few reviews which adding the value of each item totals to £100. This was a slow month for me but a busy one with every non-blog related.

February I made £100 in product value and $20 (£12) in bank.

March 2015 – I did not do any sponsored posts in March but did several reviews and they add up to £100 in value.

March I made £100 in product value and £0 in bank

For the first quarter of the year I made £37 in bank and £500 in product value.

 April 2015 – I did 3 sponsored posts which totalled £130 and a couple of other reviews with product value of  £115.

April I made £115 in product value and £130 in bank

May 2015 – I did several sponsored posts (£46.04, £50, £35, £35, £103.78 and £35) plus several other product reviews which totalled up to £215. This was a really big month for me, when I was in Korea I used most of the money to fund this trip.

May I made £215 in product value and £304.82 in bank

June 2015 – This was another good month for me on sponsored post front, I did several which totalled £218.12. I reviewed products with total value of £75 and had a weekend getaway sponsored by Travelodge worth just over £100. Again my two weekend getaways where financed by  the blog earnings which came in very handy.

June I made £175 in product value including weekend getaway and £218.12 in bank.

For the second quarter of the year I made £652.94 in bank and £505 in product value.

I am very blessed and honoured to have the chance to earn a bit of extra cash to fund the blog and my travels. I can not wait to see what the next quarter has in store for this blog.

Have you ever written a financial report for your blog or website?

Thank you to all the readers, the sponsors and fellow bloggers for all your support for the last 2 years.