{Beauty} AHAVA Product Review

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Before being contacted and offered an opportunity to review these AHAVA products I had never heard of the brand and I was very curious to find out all about the brand. AHAVA’s mission is to deliver the virtues of the Dead sea by harnessing its most extraordinary ingredients and creating innovative and efficacious products. I do not know about you but when I read this mission statement I was more than curious about these products, I was ready to try them out and see for myself how efficacious these products really are.

I was sent products from the Time To Smooth category: Age Control Brightening and Renewal Serum (30ml) and Age control even tone sleeping cream (50ml) with some Dead sea osmoter concentrate and moisturiser samples.


 AHAVA is a brand that was founded in 1988 and has since grown into a global sensation known world-wide for being beauty experts. The brand derives its products from the dead sea harnessing the amazing ingredients from the shores of the dead sea to your front door. I am truly amazed by this Brand and I can not wait to try more of their products.

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I have been using different serums for almost 18 months now and I can honestly say that of them ALL AHAVA’s Age control brightening and renewal serum is the best amongst the best. The serum is supercharged with minerals, it visibly fades away dark spots and this is something I have seen on my face and not just a statement on the bottle. They recommend this serum is applied before moisturising your face every night but am naughty and since I love it so much I am using it during the day too (have been for over a week now). I love the colour, the texture and the smell of this serum, I look forward to applying it every single day and night. It is an amazing cream which comes very highly recommended from YOUR girl try it out you won’t regret it.

I can not even begin to remember how many moisturisers I have tried over the last 15 years, I have mentioned many a times before that I was never really into face routines or even cared that much about what products I was using but I did always make sure my face was moisturised regardless. AHAVA’s age control even tone sleeping cream is absolutely amazing, its creamy, its smooth and soft and applies well. It does not leave your face oily and gently gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly. Again it is recommended that you apply this nightly but for some reason I am loving it both at night and during the day.

I have truly enjoyed testing out these two products and I have seen amazing results for my face. I have mentioned time and again about how I give my face a breather break when changing face products due to my fear of my face reacting if I mix up to many products but this time I did not space out and into my 2nd week and still no adverse reactions.

I highly recommend this product to all looking for a new Brand to try out, a fulfilling brand which provides products that actually work for your skin regardless of the tone type.

For those who would like the try the products out, you can check AHAVA’s eBay store which offers the entire AHAWA range at reasonable prices, currently (July 2015) there is upto 50% off discount of many of the products, go grab a bargain. When I placed my order, my delivery took 3 days but I did not receive the product for another day because the delivery company forgot to leave the ‘we missed you calling card’ and the neighbour they left the package with was away for a few days but overall the ordering experience was good. I have ordered on eBay before and only ever had 1 bad experience and this occasion was not it.

Have you ever heard of AHAVA or tried any of there products?


Disclaimer: I was sent the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are honest and 100% my own.