{Guest Post} Fashion design went interior

People often think that there is a lot of difference between fashion and interior design. They are actually pretty similar, and some of the designs used in fashion can be applied to interior design very easily. That is why popular fashion designers started designing a lot of furniture lately.

Take, for example, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Bruno Basso and Chris Brooke of Basso & Brooke, they have their distinctive styles which they applied to the interior to create something amazing. Gaultier used his well known blue and white sailor stripes to leave his mark on the house of Roche Bobois on their 50th anniversary, while Basso & Brooke collaborated with Turning Leaf, a wine company, and designed a unique drinks cabinet, wine tables and console tables, along with a Bergere Gondola chair, cushions and lampshades, designed in their, one of a kind distinctive style.

In the same way, some interior designers actually design your homes interior in the spirit of your fashion style. Your wardrobe alone says much about you.

There are a lot of different fashion styles, each one different and special in its own way and they all found their place in home decor.

A classical design is never out of style and it looks great on almost everyone. It is a style that stood the test of time and refers to people who like to keep their outfit simple, timeless and business-like, and it is about choosing the one strong dominant color. This style can also be assigned to your interior.

Fashion design went interior2

Simple and natural forms dominate the minimalistic style. When refering to the design of your home, rooms tend to be more spacious with minimal furniture and details. Shape, colour and texture are the most important elements of this style and accent is put on sharp geometric shapes.

Vintage style is becoming more and more popular nowadays and more people are turning to the past for inspiration. Every period has its own unique style, but the most popular period today is the mid-century modern.

Bohemian interior design is a style that is a bit out of the norm and is not quite scripted as other designing styles. And just like with your wardrobe, you have more freedom to adjust certain recommendations to meet your own unique style and personality.

Fashion design went interior

Avant-garde style is a story in its own. One should always expect the unexpected since these people like pushing the boundaries. They seek innovative ideas which can bring them closer to extravagant art. They are fans of groundbreaking colours, shapes and oversized objects. Wacky armchairs, oddly shaped lamps, enormous art pieces, crazy swimming pool paint colour, like white, coffee, chamois, or even emerald, are just some of the things you could easily find in one of these homes.

When everything is taken into consideration, the most important thing is to create a functional space, but why shouldn’t we go just one step further? With just a little more effort you could make a beautiful and unique personal resort.

Author Bio:

Zoe Clark is a house design enthusiast from Australia. She loves experimenting with trends and different styles, but strongly believes the best designs are the ones that follow the lifestyle of their owners. You can find her on Twitter.