{Gearbest} Xiaomi Mobile Power Bank Review

Last month I fortunate enough to be contacted by a company called GearBest who wanted me to review a product – a Xiaomi Mobile power bank and a few weeks ago I managed to give the portable charger a try. I shared on the blog a week or two ago my Brighton beach getaway with my sister and I recently shared my Brussels getaway the other weekend. One thing that has become very handy and a must have on all my trips abroad and at home is my power bank or portable charger.

When I was in Brussels I forgot that the UK and the rest of the EU have different adapters, which presented me with a problem when it came to charging my gadgets. I checked with the hotel but they only had one adapter and I had 4 gadgets that needed charging (2 mobile phones, 1 tablet and 1 laptop), I couldn’t charge my laptop as the adapter was not the right one (only for tablets & phones). This is where my new portable charger came in very handy and saved the day.

Before I do the review I will say the portable charger manual was in Chinese (I think) and nothing in English making it impossible to follow instructions to the letter if you’ve never owned a portable charger before.

When I received the charger it was 75% charged but since I knew I had the Brighton beach getaway planned, I plugged it in for 4 hours and then went for the weekend getaway. My weekend getaway was 3 days long, in all that time I did not charge the portable charger so I could check how long it would last.

Day 1 – I charged my tablet, and 2 phones until they were all 100%.

Day 2 – The portable charger was 50% by this time, I charged 1 phone.

Day 3 – I charged my phone and tablet and the portable charger had 25% life left.

For the Brighton 3 day weekend, the portable charger lasted over 4 days without being charged and used on 2 phones and 1 tablet.

My weekend getaway in Brussels was also 3 days long, I was able to charge the portable charger once before I left for the short vacation.

Day 1 – Charged tablet and 1 mobile phone

Day 2 – charged 2 mobile phones

Day 3 – charged 2 mobile phones and a tablet

I then left the portable charger for another week and noticed it still had 25% battery which amazed me big time.

What I noticed about this portable charger is that once it’s charged you can use it for longer than 3 days and so long as you’re not using it, it still stays charged up which I think is awesome especially if one day you need to go away for a quick trip and forgot to charge the portable charger.

Product Main Features

Portable 16000mAh external power bank
Charging through double Micro USB port
LED power indicator gives real time reminder
Be suitable for smartphone, tablet PC and other digital products
Perfect power supply for business trip, travel, field work etc

power bank

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I love the look of this portable charger and how it blends in with my other gadgets, my only issue is its larger than my other gadgets (excluding the tablet) and weighs a tone (figure of speech). I also love that it came with a 3 in 1 extension code, 2 for apple devices (small or large) and 1 for Android devices, and a its own USB charger.

It is stylish, lasts longer, definitely portable and better than others in its class. I would definitely recommend this product for those looking for a portable charger especially since the price ($26.01) is right too.