{Fashion} Ripped Jeans Friday

**Excuse the dirty mirror but this photo had to be taken**

  Fashion posts around these parts are as frequent as rain in the Sahara desert, ok maybe it little over exaggerated on my part but you get my gist. Today I thought I share with you an outfit I wore on Friday for laid back Friday at work, I like to think my dress code is more of laid back on daily basis but Friday’s even more so. I mentioned in my GBU posts that I treated myself to some shopping last week and I picked up this gorgeous skinny high-waisted ripped jeans from New Look, I will be honest this is my first ripped jeans that have bought and I actually like since the rest of the ripped jeans I got after busting them open (weight issues 😁😂) or I outgrew my clothes.

Not everyone likes ripped jeans, I for one am ok with the minimally ripped ones not the over the top that look like you and the neighbour’s dog had another misunderstanding. Don’t get me wrong some people know how to wear them, style them and even look good on them but for some of us my mother would be rushing to the store to get me some clothes because she would think I have finally cracked.

Ripped Jeans outfit idea

I paired my ripped jeans with yellow cross back top, black leather jacket (was cold), minimal jewellery and black flats with gold band. When I got home and it was warmer but not hot I swapped my leather jacket for lighter cardigan.

How do you dress your ripped jeans? Do you own any ripped jeans?