{Review} Natural self tanner ~ The Gold Standard

thermalabsWith the sun having left the UK shores rather suddenly and some without a tan, I may just have found us a solution in form of a tanning lotion which claims to be 99% natural and contains avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter and even aloe leaf juice. At first sight the tanning lotion looks just like your everyday body butter but at close inspection it will outstand you to realise it is like body butter but more thicker, more creamier and has a heavenly scent.

This was my first time trying out a tanning lotion, I mean seriously I was born naturally tanned so there really is no need for me to tan but I do love the overall coverage the product offers, it claims to give unto 2 weeks tanning coverage which is a bold statement. This product is made my Thermalabs who are well known in the States but now crossing over the pod and gaining exposure in Europe.

I love the lotion, I love how quickly it gets absorbed in the skin, it’s really easy to use and does not leave any oily residue but might experience some if you come into contact with water immediately after application (personal experience). Thermalabs advises you exfoliate before use and wash your hands before and after use.

I am inclined to agree with Thermalabs bold claims as only credible brands offer 100% money back guarantee if you do not like the products and have checked out some reviews and 90% are pretty awesome.

I think it is a great product and happy to recommend to those who use tanning lotions and wanting to start.

Do you use tanning lotions?