Things that give life a summer vibe


There are certain things that always have a summer feel to them, even if technically they’re available all year round. Mention the word ‘summer’ and images of blue skies, ice cream cones, picnics, open top cars, and wacky seaside traditions such as arcade games, bingo, candy floss and giant sticks of rock pop into your head. 

It’s not that these things aren’t available during the rest of the year, of course, but somehow they all add together to conjure up the heady cocktail of sensations that make up the essence of summer.

Summer time is playtime – online gaming anyone?

The long hours of daylight that we all enjoy during the summer months is one possible reason why summer seems more fun than any other season. And so it’s natural that we should feel more playful in the summer months. Of course, the fun and games we can have come in all shapes and sizes.

The traditional seaside resort has plenty of gaming traditions associated with it. We can play bingo on the seafront, or work our way around the games arcade. Outdoors, there’s the beach to play games such as rounders, cricket and Ultimate Frisbee and games you always find by the sea like crazy golf.

True, outdoor games such as crazy golf and other sports may depend on the weather but a game like bingo can be played anytime, especially now that you can play online at sites such as bgo, Cheeky Bingo and Buzz Bingo. And playing online gives you the convenience of playing on your terms, when you want to, rather than when the local bingo hall is open.

What’s more, it’s a great value game, especially when you take into account the welcome bonus that you’ll find at sites when you first sign up. At for example, the bonus you get is really significant – deposit £10 and you’ll get an extra £40 to play with. Wherever you sign up to play, bingo’s always great value, as most of the regular scheduled games cost just pennies to play, and there are often free games too.

Even in the winter, playing bingo online can make you feel sunnier. The bright colours and sense of community that you get on any bingo site are a great way to escape the winter blues and lift your spirits, even if you don’t end up with a win every time.

Dining al fresco

It’s so easy to take the pleasure of a simple picnic for granted as we head into mid-summer. The making of lunch and dinner can become a bit of a monotonous routine during the rest of the year, and sometimes takes more effort to prepare than you’re willing to put in. Throwing a few things together for a picnic, on the other hand, couldn’t be simpler, and eating on a picnic rug makes everything taste that much better. A standard ham sandwich becomes much more interesting when you’re eating in a beautiful park in a town, or sitting with a view of the open sea.

Another summer food tradition is firing up the barbecue. It allows even the most alpha male of men get in touch with their culinary skills – barbecues are generally a male-dominated affair. And yes, it is possible to barbecue in the winter with a gas barbecue, but it’s not quite the same standing outside watching the steaks when you’re huddled under an umbrella. For a barbecue to feel right, you need the sun shining down on you.

All good things come to an end

Summer doesn’t stay forever, of course, and while you may still get the odd warm day in September and October, the summer season always has that fleeting quality about it, in northern Europe at any rate. There is no doubt that the winter brings its own plus points – Christmas and New Year not least – but there’s certainly something special about summer. So when the winter comes and you feel in need of a boost, do one of those things that makes you think of summer – it’ll put a smile on your face.

Disclaimer: This post is written by a freelancer.

Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann.