{Travel} Top Tips on Booking Flights

Tips to Book flights

Ok so you have decided on your destination and chosen the route of travel; Air. The next step is to start researching what airline offers best services at an affordable price. Now I can appreciate my affordable price is not the same as the next person but for the purpose of this post our affordable prices are the same.

How do you go about searching for the best affordable price with so many Airlines promising so many things and most delivering little?

I read a couple years back when I first started blogging that the best time to search for affordable price is at night, closer to midnight. Don’t ask me why but this certain blogger swore by how cheap it was when you researched late at night and I must admit I checked it out for myself, I researched in the morning flights to Kaunas for our trip next month. The price was a bit high compared to the usual price for September and last night I decided to check again when it was almost midnight and it was shocking for me as the price was down by over a 1/3 of the price. This obviously alone is not enough proof that this actually is the case for all Airlines but it’s worth a try.

Another post I read a year ago or so said you should always clear your cache so that airlines don’t see that you have been checking out the competitors etc but I thought you would want them to know so maybe they might reduce a bitūüė¨! Maybe. Another blogger said instead of using your normal browse use the incognito version of your browser in other words the private view browser.

Anyway :):)

The above are some great tips I think, but personally I have only practiced each one of them once and had worked for me at that occasion not sure right now. Since last year what I have been doing is as follows:

1. Use Travel sites like¬†Skyscanner – I know most people prefer Expedia but I honestly prefer skyscanner (ps this is NOT a sponsored post). My brother in law introduced me to it last year when I was researching for my trip to Zambia. I had so much going on at work that I literally did not have time to sit and search for flights from Airlines with¬†better deals. I did try using an agency to book for me but they charged a fee (¬£50) just to search for you. So I checked skyscanner and honestly I had more options than I cared to check but the best news is they put the lowest price first and ascend. Another good news is that the skyscanner is free and they do not charge you for using their site to search for affordable flights. Another good travel site to use is icelolly.com, a travel directory website and not a travel agent so that means they let you know what’s available offers for your destination. I love how easy this site is to navigate, have many offers nicely broken down whether you thinking of booking your next trip to Spain or like me thinking of going on a cruise ice lolly has some good offers.

2. Check the Airlines Рthough I am an absolute advocate for Skyscanner I also recommend checking directly with the Airline that flies to your destination, sometimes they have cheaper flights (better deals) as was the case for me last year. I used skyscanner and found Emirates were offering the same price as on skyscanner so made sense to book directly with them.

3. Start Early – I know this isn’t always possible but the sooner you start the better it is in most cases but have booked last minute before and was cheaper than those who booked earlier but would not recommend it.

4. Connect¬†(if ¬†available and possible )- most people prefer direct flights but we know how costly these can be. Look into airlines offering connections you could just add another destination to your itinerary by connecting flights. Though will taken longer it’s cost effective, for example if I had chosen direct flight to Zambia last year would have to pay ¬£900+ but connecting flights paid less than ¬£500 this was a ¬£400+ save and though added 3 hours to my travel time it was worth it.

5. Deals – I love deals like the next person so it’s important one looks or shall I say shops around for deals not just using the different websites for flights but sites like Groupon which offer amazing getaway breaks etc. I was looking for a cruise for the next couple of months and went directly to the cruise line but then checked Groupon days later and they had same as what I was searching for but cheaper so it pays to look around for deals.

These are all my tips for searching for flights, what are some of yours?

Who’s your favourite Airline service provider?