{Fashion} Floppy and Mellow 

Hi there! Happy Friday, I can not believe how fast September is going. Just the other day I was eagerly anticipating my trip to Seoul, South Korea and Fukuoka, Japan and look at me now back already and feeling the worst holiday blues ever. Next week I intend to share with you how I am dealing with the holiday blues and how I am trying to keep them at bay.

Before I had gone on my long awaited vacation I did a bit of shopping, I will share some of the other items I picked up next week but today though the sun has run away from us here in the UK I wanted to share with you this New Look floppy hat and crossover bag that I had been rocking the entire summer (albeit it short). I do not know what happened to me over the summer holidays but I had been secretly adding colours to my wardrobe and this yellow bag has got me all mellow and stuff. Is it just me or does adding a bit of colour to the outfit or wardrobe just change the entire mood of the day’s perspective? ah well maybe it’s just me. I feel that with a lovely bright colour added to an outfit you can not allow for foul mood to entertain your day.

The New Look Black Wool Floppy Hat is such a great addition to my wardrobe and though I can not rock it throughout the year in the UK I have been carrying it with me to all my mini vacations and longer vacations too and it’s such a life saver and a must have. When I bought the hat it was £14.99 now it’s on sale for £7.50, I think this is such a bargain though I anticipate it to go lower in the next few days.

With every item that I buy these days there is at least 3 outfits in mind that can go with it, I am trying to maintain my minimalist fashion in check :).

What do you think of the floppy hat and the yellow (or is it lemon) bag?

Do you ever shop in New Look?