{Beauty} Korean Products: myeonghan miindo


I remember this time last year I was talking to my best friend whose teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. She mentioned to me how Koreans have some of the best beauty products around, I know a lot of people on the blogosphere know about this too but I remember me and bestie laughing at how complicated and sophisticated they made it seem especially with the 10 step morning face routine she was introduced to. I mean come on 10 steps to clean and pamper your face before you leave the house? Isn’t that a bit much? I think the longest morning face routine I have ever done was 5/6 steps long: wash with water then use soniclear with cleanser, then toner, serum and finish off with moisturising cream but since I don’t really makeup I dab some ginseng cream on my cheeks and ladies/gentlemen that’s me done.

When I visited bestie in April this year she introduced me to some Korean products she is using and I must say the girl has still kept her under 21 look (fresh and young) look. Though we not exactly old it’s nice to start early caring for your skin and I think Koreans have mastered the art of retaining the youthful look both men and women. I have been using the myeonghan miindo by face shop products since April this year I can certainly say my next trip to Seoul will include bringing back some more of these beauty products.

For every skin care routine I have shared on this blog I have emphasised how it is important to have backup products which you can fall back on should trying out new ones be a disaster. For me the backup products are from Simple skin range and they serve their purpose when needed. The products I got were a set containing 1 toner, 1 emulsion, 1 ginseng cream and 1 essence bottle. The products have been arranged in height order so you know which to start with first and also important if the english words rub off and can not read korean.

  1. After washing your face with your choice of cleanser, use the Heaven Grade Ginseng toner. You do not need a cotton bud finger application is fine. I love the texture of this toner, definitely different to my usual sort of toners.
  2. Once the toner has been absorbed into the skin, using a pea sized amount dab the essence into your face
  3. I usually use the Emulsion before the essence but the correct order is essence then emulsion, I apply the right amount to my face and let it get absorbed into my skin.
  4. Lastly I use the cream to gently apply on my face and let it set, most people then start applying their makeup base etc but since I hardly ever wear makeup I just stop here and my face is ready for the day.

Because all of these products are made from korean herbs I know they are natural and I am not afraid to mix it up a little.

I always ensure that I use same cleansers all the time or if have run out I use cleansers with the same ingredients as my usual cleaner to avoid having reactions when I suddenly change the cleanser. I do the same thing with serums and creams, I do not want to deviate too much from the normal serums and creams that I use so I try to buy similar ones all the time.

I am no expert when it comes to Korean products but I have been loving the products have been using and have no complaints whatsoever. Korean’s also have the best face mask and body masks ever, during my visit to Seoul I managed to grab a lot of sample products and now I know which ones to go buy when I return.

Have you ever used Korean products before? What were your thoughts?