{Fashion Monday} Winter-Outfits

Work/Play Outfit
I will start this post by declaring how lazy I am when it comes to putting outfits together, I am one of those people who once they find a few items that works for them that’s it no more effort is required. The two outfits: Work and Play ideas above are something I found worked for me and now I am not really in the mood to change it up but knowing me I will revert back to my Eskimo mode once it gets colder.
Until recently I had never had a dedicated work outfits wardrobe, for me what I saw is what I wore. It did not matter if I wore that item when I was out for drinks or lazy with it at home I wore what I saw and that was that. I always tell my work colleagues that half the time I dress in the dark and 90% of the time it’s true, I really do not like spending too much time deciding what to wear etc I just like picking what I see. When I moved into my own apartment earlier in the year I felt it was time I put together a work wardrobe even if the rest of the wardrobe was a dumping ground so long as I bought and decided what items were for work only I was good. I managed to purchase a few colourful items and some other essentials and made that my work wardrobe, it’s still going strong months and I see the benefits of having separate wardrobes for work and for play (everything outside work).
Though I have split my two wardrobes it does not stop me from getting some items from my play section and accessorizing them to make them more work like. Same goes for my shoes, which in most instances I use some work ones for play time too as they are comfortable. An example is the ankle boots I got from new look last year, these get used a lot both for work and for play and I tried to use them as an example for the outfits I try to rock when I remember.
What do you think of the two outfits? Do you ever mix your work/play clothes?