Being Insecure

Insecure (Insecurities), defined as being uncertain or anxious about one self or lack of confidence – these words are enough to make some of us go back inside and hide. I used to be one of those carefree on one side and insecure on the other. Most people feel insecure during their teenage years and most grow out of them by the time they reach adulthood, whereas some they seem to manifest into another being all together in adulthood.

being insecure

When I was about 3 months old I was dropped whilst being bathed. I was throw into the air (as you do with a baby to make them laugh) but there was a miscalculation on my caregiver at that time and I managed to slip right through her arms. I landed my small tiny feet on the edge of the tub and broke my tiny leg (thankfully 🙂 instead of cracking my head open). I was able to receive treatment and my leg is now fine.

Though I survived this and I am fine, I grew up with a scar on my knee. As a kid I just thought I was born with it and left it at that, when I went to high school people would ask why I had such an ugly scar on my knee and I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know, I remember crying because I thought everyone thought I was ugly because of my scar. I asked my parents who told me what had happened, comforted me and obviously my parents and I couldn’t do anything about the past because well I was alive and happy that was enough.

From that moment on every time I wore clothes which reached above my knees and people saw (or I think they saw) my scar I would cringe and wanted to hide. For a long time I was obsessed with covering it especially when I was sitting and people could see my knees clearly. My OH always tells me it’s all in my head and no one can actually see it  and if they did it wouldn’t matter but in all honesty even though as I have grown I have learnt to accept this scar as part of me there are times when I feel like just hiding away.

Being insecure is different for everyone, I know some family and friends who are insecure about their scars, acne etc. People in general have their insecurities, it is part of life but it is important not to belittle people in those situations since we are all insecure about something. For some the insecurities can be treated, like face acne these day is not as hard to treat as it used to be back in the day. There are so many ads on TV about creams out there, clinics that treat acne, I recently stumbled across the Cardiff Skn Clinic page on the Internet when browsing for different treatments which obviously for me is quite far but I was intrigued by the number of services they offer so I checked out their website for any clinics near me or my family and friends and I found the nearest to me is Milton Keynes and friends was Northampton which was awesome as I wanted to recommend to family and friends.

Though I myself have not considered any treatment for my knee I think if it would ease the feeling of being insecure or lacking in confidence then I say go for it. For me personally I have days when I feel insecure but then again I love having this scar on my knee, it’s part of me.


*Collaboration post, all opinions are my own*