What I want for Christmas 

I have seen too many posts in the last few days sharing their gift guides for families and friends, from babies to adults, from pet gift guides to homeware ideas. I thought this year I was going to be very selfish and think about what I want for Christmas.

what i want for christmas

I have not purchased a single gift for myself or any of my family and friends. Some may find this strange but when I was growing up in Zambia we didn’t really focus on presents, for us just being alive was a present enough for the families and friends. Fast forward 15 years later and in UK it’s all about ‘what am I getting this year‘. There is nothing wrong with giving families and friends gifts but sometimes I think we go overboard and forget the true reason for the festive period.

With that being said, I still want to give me some presents for this Christmas. It has been a long year, it has been a year of accomplishments and achievements and little to no disappointments. Last year when I thought the year and world was against me I was greeted with a very fabulous 2015.

What I want for Christmas

1. Winter holiday – I want to go on one more trip abroad before the year ends. Next year I intend to travel twice a month either abroad or home ground.

2. Curling wand – I recently treated myself to the day at the salon and had my hair done. But since I am bad at maintaining my weave I thought this time I will make an effort and start getting some tools to help me.

3. New wardrobe – I am sure every girl wants this but I want to donate all that I no longer use or can’t fit in anymore and start afresh. It’s a big job to declutter my old wardrobe but it needed to be done

4. Flat tummy – some of us have been blessed with extra padding around the mid section. This Christmas I want a flat tummy so I can consume as much as I want and gain my current mid section.

5. Expensive jewellery – every woman has an item of luxury (expensive) that they own. I have none, the most expensive thing I own apart from my home furnishings is my chromebook.

6. Health – this one is the most important one not only for me but for my family too. This is the one gift I hope to continue receiving every day. Above have shown I too can be greedy and superficial but for my family’s health and mine I am not taking no chances nor prisoners.

This is what I want for Christmas, what is your wish?


*This is NOT a sponsored post*