{Travel} #Take12Trips Challenge ~ Month One

 Hi there and welcome to a year long travel challenge called #Take12Trips, though this series is new on this blog it has actually been around since 2013. It was started by a fellow blogger Claire over at Need Another Holiday she started this challenge for herself to document trips taken every year and the idea is to take at least 1 trip a month and share on the blog. I stumbled upon this challenge when another blogger mentioned it to me in the comments section. Like the 12 Months of Happiness series started by Sinova of Simply Sinova, I decided to start the series this year instead of waiting for January to come before I started it.


 The idea of this challenge is to travel as much as you can but it does not necessary mean only travel abroad, it could be a day trip to the Zoo, a weekend getaway in another town/state/city, it could be a month long holiday or your usual yearly holidays. All this challenge is doing is making you leave your house at least once a week-end day or entire weekend to see something new, experience something new and not just be a couch potato like me 🙂 🙂

There is a lovely quote that motivated me to write these posts now instead of later.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed you, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Armed with this quote, I decided to mark December 2015 as month one and share with you the trip (s) I have planned and went (or going) on. By now you would have ready my recollection of my spontaneous weekend getaway to ljubljana, Slovenia. You might be asking why Slovenia of all places but honestly from my colleague talking about her homeland to my own curiosity I decided to take a leap of faith and go to the unknown lands and explore.


This spontaneous trip has taught me a few things, it’s best to experience it for yourself. This was a solo trip, this was my time away from everything and just explore new lands and be adventurous. I managed to meet a lovely Italian girl who like me travelled spontaneously, was lone traveler and this was first time in Ljubjana. We started up a conversation (y’all know your girl can talk for England), it was nice meeting a stranger, discovering our similarities and scheduling our next trip before it was even 24hours.

My next trip this month is this week to Lithuania for pre-Christmas celebration 😊🍷. Then back to work for 2 days before traveling to Cambridge for Christmas with my parents.

I am so excited to be doing this challenge and to be sharing my travels with you. I want to really make the travel section of this blog a true contender it’s own right and not be covered in ‘Lifestyle’ part of the blog. I also like this challenge because it will hold me accountable for the plans that I make, make me think about where I want and should go and make me plan accordingly. 2016 is the year for travel and throwing in a cruise will be a dream come true.