{Review} Adlens ViewPlus Glasses

New year! New You! New image? I was sent the adlens ViewPlus glasses in exchange for an honest review and no monetary exchange was given.


Ever since I was a child I have loved the idea of wearing glasses, but when the time actually came and I was given the ‘dork’ glasses (back in the day they were not as sexy as they are now) I knew I never wanted to wear glasses again no matter how much I needed them. Over time my mind has been swayed to wanting to wear glasses now and again.




Adlens ViewPlus glasses are amazing non-prescription reading glasses which don’t only look cool but you can adjust them to your needs. I think this is what makes them standout of the crowd, you can adjust each lens dependent on the need and not have to keep going to the optician to keep changing lenses.

Disclaimer: These are ready to read non-prescription lenses which are not meant to replace your prescription, always check with your optician before use.

When I received the glasses they were nicely packaged and in a protective case. We know how sometimes the postman can have slippy fingers and throw accidentally drop the post so it was nice to see how they had packaged the glasses. The glasses also came with a hard plastic case which added to the level of protection during transit.

It was easy to adjust each lens to my needs, like I said I don’t exactly need glasses but I spend 20/24 hours staring at either the computer or my phone and sometimes the tv too so my eyesight is slightly faulty at best. The offer to try these reading glasses came at the right time and now I can continue to work without worrying too much about the damage my eyes were being exposed to due to my job and my personal use of gadgets.


I definitely recommend these reading glasses for those who do not exactly need glasses daily but could use some help when reading or watching tv etc. and for £29.99 it is an absolute bargain.

**Disclaimer – I was sent the sample glasses for free in exchange for an honest review**