{Beauty Review} ASDM’s Tepez Cream +{Giveaway CLOSED}

ASDM is an American beauty products company I introduced to you all last month on the blog, I also mentioned that I would be reviewing their products and each will have a giveaway and the giveaway will be open to UK/Ireland, USA & Canada only.

I has mentioned in my introduction post that prior to being contacted I had never heard of ASDM but since then I have been getting myself acquainted with the company and the products they have. Today I will be sharing my person experience with the company as well as the first product I tried, Tepez Cream.

Tepez cream (Tepezcohuite) is “natural skin healing cream is formulated to provide your skin with maximum moisture while simultaneously healing any irritation or burn. Great for individuals with sensitive skin and for those suffering from acne-prone skin. Helps reduce any inflammation or irritation caused by acne to reduce the frequency of breakouts. Can be used as an after shave moisturizer to heal any irritation and minor nicks and cuts. Recommended for use after any chemical peel. Helps to speed up the healing process for maximum results.”

Though I personally do not suffer from acne I am still loving and amazed at this product, after a any chemical peel this product works wonders and to prove that look at the list of items it contains: Vitamin E (reduce fine lines), Honey extract (makes skin soft), Mango extract (restores skin flexibility), Tepezcohuite Tree Bark (collagen stimulator & cellular regenerator) and other wonderful ingredients.

Tepez Cream Review

Tepez cream

The first thing you notice when you open the box is the cream’s colour, I was expecting it to be white for some reason but it’s not it’s more light beige in colour. It has a nice smell to it, it’s nicely packed and comes with it a little plastic wand to help open the small bottle. It is recommended that you use the cream twice a day but they also say you can use it as often as you like, for me currently I have been using it once  in the morning and on the weekends I use it in the evening.

I am confident enough to swap my products around because they are all natural products so the risk of reacting to them is very very low. Using a pea sized amount, I dab the cream on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin then in circular motion I start to apply the cream. It turns white when you start massaging it into the skin and at first I was shocked thinking it would be one of those creams that leaves your face looking like a ghost but it quickly got absorbed into the skin as I continued to massage it in.

Since it’s very cold here and the cream had completely absorbed into the skin, I thought my face would become dry.  Once the cream is absorbed into the skin it leaves a silky feel which can easily be wiped away by the cold air but I was impressed that on my walk to work and back my face still stayed covered with the silky feel. I had used ASDM’s hyaluronic acid serum before applying the cream on my face and I must say I am very impressed and I am continuously being impressed by this cream.

My experience with the company has been awesome, from the time we agreed the terms and conditions of working together they sent out the products using USPS via first class. Unfortunately I left the country for a few days so I missed collecting the parcel, I got message saying it was being sent back to sender so I contacted the company and they immediately arranged for another shipment to be sent out to me and I received it in less than 5 days (remember it was christmas period) which I was very surprised about because I was sure it would come after New Year’s Day since we had Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day as holidays in the UK so not many things were working.

Now as I mentioned, I am happy to partner up with ASDM to bring you my readers the first of 3 giveaways. One of you will win their own bottle of Tepez Cream to use and the giveaway is open to all. Please also note that the prize will be shipped to the winner by ASDM, I will provide your details to them to ship the product to you. By entering the giveaway you’re giving your consent for me to provide your personal details (delivery address + Name) to ASDM. Thanks.

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