Top 5 attractions in Prague

 Before I go anyway I always like to check out at least the top 5 attractions for that city and I thought I create a list of top 5 attractions in Prague from my experience. I also love checking out different types of accommodations from hotels, bread and breakfast to hostels. Prague being such a beautiful city has lots to offer every type of traveller, when were searching for hotels in Prague we managed to find Hotel Interprag which was such a lovely location and reasonably priced.

Old town square – home to the astronomical clock which unfortunately we did not get to see but we wondered around the old town square. It is claimed that the town has been virtually untouched since the 10th century, we were in awe there was so much to see.


Charles bridge  – in 1357 King Charles IV commissioned the Charles Bridge, originally it was called the stone bridge or Prague Bridge. It is a bit out from the centre of Prague but very easy to get to via tram, taxis etc and it’s breath taking. We had a lovely time and in our 45 minutes there we did not even manage to go to both ends but it was lovely.


Prague Castle  – It is thought to be the largest castle in the world, from the castles that I have seen so far in England, Slovenia and Lithuania I feel the Prague Castle is large but not sure about the largest. It is easy to travel to the castle via, tram, buses, taxis or even tour guide bus which is what we took.

Kampa Island – thought to be the second most beautiful city island in the world, unfortunately did not get a chance to see it during the day but it was really beautiful at night and silly me forgot to take pictures because I was take back. You definitely need to either see it first then head to Charles bridge or see Charles bridge which seats at its tip first then visit Kampa Island.

Wenceslas square – Another part of the city that caught me off guard and made me forget to take pictures but it’s so lovely. It is a very popular square for tourists and many people book apartments and hotels here which are really pretty. Our hotel was only 5 minutes away from the square and easy to access so definitely.