Valentine’s Day wish list

Valentine’s Day has come about because of the legend about Saint Valentine of Rome, where he was imprisoned for marrying soldiers that were forbidden to marry. Whilst in prison it is said that he healed the daughter of his jailer and as a final goodbye before he was executed he sent her a love letter signed “Your Valentine”. It has since been recognised as a day to express love to one another.



So what are you doing this Valentine’s? Do you have a special someone to spend it with or will you perhaps be treating yourself this year? Because we all deserve a bit of love so why not pick yourself up something nice and treat yourself. Or even spend it with another loved one, a sister or friend to show them that you love them and are grateful to have them in your life.

 Valentine's Day Backdrops for photography

As a #RakutensBlogger♥ I was gifted £50’s worth of points to spend on the website and a Valentine’s Day surprise gift.

I have been looking up some Valentines gifts and have listed my wish list; hopefully this will give you some ideas on what’s around for all budgets.

So firstly I have found a website called Lavish Lockets, they make the memory charm lockets that we have all been hearing about lately. You can choose the locket you like, choose a back plate and all the charms you want to put in it. This would make a lovely personalised gift for your loved one this year and they also do cufflinks!

Whether you have been recently married or are looking forward to a big anniversary, your wedding day is something that you will never forget and is usually one of the best memories in your life. So with this next gift i found it could make a lovely surprise for your spouse this Valentine’s. It is a personalised wedding venue portrait and is truly beautiful! They are hand drawn by artists working in Devon and you can add whatever details you want on it such as the date of your wedding day.

Now I don’t know about you but in my eyes you can never go wrong with some chocolate any time of the year but Valentines is just the perfect excuse! I found this cute heart shaped tin filled with Maxim’s milk chocolate & nougat, for would definitely be on my wish list this year!

valentines wish list

How many people do you know that don’t like pampering from time to time? So I give you the G Spa Foot Spa gift set. It includes; a Cool Foot spa gel, a Refresh foot spa gel, a Soothe foot spa gel and a G-Spa inflatable foot bath all for just £19.95! The best thing is that it is inflatable so when you are finished it is so easy to store, perfect!


Now everyone is different and may not be bothered about fancy gifts, some people would rather spend some quality time together and what better way to do this than on a mini break for 2?! you can choose from loads of different places to go and it is valid for up to 10 months, plenty of time to find a gap in your busy schedule!

So that concludes my list of Valentine’s goodies, I hope you all have a brilliant Valentine’s Day! Feel free to share your Valentine’s wishes or your most cherished memory of Valentine’s Day below.