{Travel} Three countries In Three Days

When I booked my mini holiday to Brno the only thing I was thinking about was having enough time to explore it all or maybe some surrounding towns within Czech Republic. I did not once consider using this time to explore 2 more other countries until I sat down one day to plan how to explore towns surrounding Brno, how to get there and how far they were but also I wanted to find out how far Brno and Praha (Prague) were/are from each other as two weekends before I was in Praha for a girls weekend getaway.

Three countries in three days


Brno, Czech Republic

When I pulled up google maps and saw that Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia) were so close by I had to pinch myself and figure out how I could spread my 3 days to ensure I spent at least 1 day in each of these cities. Vienna was an easy one to plan and I booked my ticket for the day after I arrive in Brno with no regrets but Bratislava I was not entirely convinced. I had a discussion with MOH who mentioned how awesome it would be for me to be able to see all these places, if I am honest I did want to visit Vienna big time but more than that I wanted to visit Budapest too as its only 4 hours away a from Brno. But to get there I would have to pass through Vienna then Bratislava anyway so I decided maybe next time.


Vienna, Austria

Using Czech Transport I booked my bus from Brno to Vienna, this cost me 16 euros return ticket. Eastern Europe transport system is quite cheap with the exception of a few countries, the bus service I used is provided by a company called Student Agency and they run have buses in almost all European cities. Eurolines is another company which provides buses around Europe. My trip from Brno to Vienna was less than 2 hours but could be up to 2.30hrs if there is traffic. What I loved about Student Agency is you get a free drink (I got hot chocolate) and have an option to buy snacks on the bus. The bus also had free wi-fi but only in Czech Republic.


Bratislava, Slovakia

To travel to Bratislava I booked a train ticket (CD) which cost me 16 euros just like the bus would have but I wanted the train as I did not have much time. The train took less than 2 hours to get from Brno to Bratislava, I had a lovely time traveling in ‘old style’ coach trains – you know the ones you see on TV sectioned compartments etc.

I really enjoyed visiting three countries in three days and hoping to repeat this year too.

Would you do it?